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28th April 2008, 02:22 PM
I try to post up as many here as I can before I fall asleep tonight, and will only type up the really good stuff. The entire notes on each panel will be posted up when I get back (wednesday morning AUS time).
I noticed that there was already a posting on IDW panel, so I might skip that one, or leave it till last in case I end up posting the exact same stuff.
I will also try to post some of the photos I took, tonight, and the rest when I get back. Until then, those who are really desperate can check out some of the global websites, or already have. :)

The convention this year was fairly good, but was over very quickly. It feels like an hour ago I was waiting at Brisbane airport for my plane to America to be repaired. I guess the days were so jam packed this year, that I didn't get enough time to myself to feel the time drag on. Monday was all-day travelling, tuesday was 8am-midnight with most of it spent walking around the downtown area, wednesday was 7am-11pm with the pre-con tour and pre-reg pickup taking up 14 hours, thursday was 10 hours for the airforce museum tour, and 5 hours with pre-reg things and arrival of the Saintlys, Friday was 16 hours of pre-reg activities, Saturday was another 16 hours of events and pre-reg events, while today was still an early start for a six hour session, and four hours getting all my stuff condensed and packed for posting and departure tomorrow.
Sharing the event with someone else (Saintly and Legends Saintly) makes it better, and I was happy to be able to once again mentor another Aussie on how to best enjoy BotCon (or at least I hope I helped).

I did feel that this year was too focussed on the commercial elements and neglected the fan elements, more than usual. THe guests weren't revealed until a few weeks before the event, after registrations had almost closed. THe organisers appeared to be prioritising their huge set of toys and merchandise, while doing everything to appease the toy dealers, and not giving the fans the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience and interact with the Voice Actors who have brought to life the Transformers over the years. And even various VAs have commented on the panels that other VAs would love to come to BotCOn but are just not approached (and often would come for free). But if it's because of the appearance fee, the convention organisors should just produce less toys. Pre-2005 BotCons had quality, not quantity, with their toys.

THe good though, I met up with everyone I wanted to this year, Saintly and I managed to help out a number of local fans with BC toys this year, and got myself 41 toys. INcluding:
WEd - Animated Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Prowl, Optimus (deluxe), Lockdown, Starscream, Megatron (Voyager), 2-pack Optimus, 2-pack Megatron.
Botcon Jazz, Goldbug, Grimlock, Starscream, Optimus, Razorclaw, Ricochet.
Thur - BotCon Megatron, Rodimus, Divebomb, Sideswipe, Blurr, Whisper, Rampage, Battle Scene Scorponok, Battle Scene Bumblebee.
Fri - G2 Slag (green), MM10 X Dimension (Drift, Spin, Indy), MM14 X Dimension (Apollo, Mir, Move), Anniversary ML Convoy with Anniversary Kicker, RM01 Convoy, RM Black Megatron, BW Returns Strika, Protect Black Ironhide, Animophs Mega Tobias/Hawk, SCFs Convoy with Trailer, Super Ginrai, Minerva, Grimlock with Helmet, Victory Saber.
Sat - Clear BT Mirage, JP SL Paradron Medic.
Sun - nothing (ran out of money).

Must comment on the hotel as well. For those who didn't read my non-news postings, I changed from the first BC hotel (Hyatt) to the second BC hotel (Millenium), to save money (US$30 a day - 20 for the room, 10 for the free internet (had to pay $10 per day at the Hyatt)) and to prevent the chance of being rained on (Hyatt didn't have covered access to the convention centre). Plus it was about 10-20 meters less walking distance, which was good for getting to the panel room quicker. The room itself was only a little smaller, but had everything the Hyatt had, except the $5 600ml bottle of water.

Next year should be timed to coincide with the TF2 movie, so I will return :)