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22nd July 2011, 12:30 PM
- Release dates are US release dates or our release dates, depending on who got them them first.
- Before 2011 all regular figures were referred to as Basics by Hasbro.
- Before 2011 "Deluxes" were larger figures, and are listed here with the same wave number as the previous Basic wave.
- Any 2-packs or store exclusives are also given the same wave number as the previous Basic wave in this listing.
- From 2011, three sizes were introduced - class 1 (small - new size), class 2 (Basic), class 3 (Deluxe).
- FIRST POST is sorted by Wave/Date. SECOND POST will be sorted by size class.
- Some items in a wave that wasn't released here, may have been included in a later wave that did get released here... I will try to note when this has occurred.
- This listing looks to be the only one in the world that is accurate to everything officially released (or is the first to be if they decide to catch up). I haven't found a complete listing on any other fansite yet.

Series 1 - yellow packaging

Wave 1 (Dec 2005) HERE
Darth Vader/Tie Advanced (new)
Obi-Wan Kenobi/Jedi Starfighter Ep3 (new)
General Greivous/Wheelbike (new)

Wave 2 (Jan 2006) HERE
Luke Skywalker/X-wing Fighter (new)
(Many sites list this as part of wave 1, but it was definitely released later)

Wave 3 (Feb 2006) HERE
Boba Fett/Slave 1 (new)
Anakin Skywalker/Jedi Starfighter ep3 (remould - new head/redeco)
Darth Maul/Sith Infiltrator (new)

Wave 4 (May 2006) HERE
Clone Pilot/ARC-170 Starfighter (white) (new)
Jango Fett/Slave-1 (redeco)
Emperor Palpatine/Imperial Shuttle (white) (new)

Wave 4a (June 2006) HERE
Deluxe Han Solo & Chewbacca/Millenium Falcon (new)

Wave 5 (Dec 2006) HERE
Darth Vader/Sith Starfighter (remould - new head/redeco)
Clone Pilot/ARC-170 Starfighter (blue) (remould - new head/redeco)

Wave 6 (April 2007) HERE
Saesee Tinn/Jedi Starfighter Ep2 (new)
Mace Windu/Jedi Starfighter Ep3 (remould - new head/redeco)
Clone Pilot/Republic Gunship (open white) (new)

Wave 6a (July 2007) HERE (BigW excl)
2-pack Darth Vader/TIE Advanced Vs Obi Wan Kenobi/Jedi Starfighter Ep3 (redeco)
(Galactic Showdown - store excl)

Wave 6b (Sep 2007) HERE
Deluxe Darth Vader/Death Star (new)

Wave 7 (November 2007) HERE
Luke Skywalker/Snowspeeder (new)
AT-AT Driver/AT-AT (new)
Commander Cody/Turbo Tank (new)

Wave 8 (April 2008) HERE
Obi Wan Kenobi/Jedi Starfighter Ep2 (remould - new head/redeco)
Clone Pilot/Republic Gunship (open blue) (remould - new head/redeco)

Series 2 - blue packaging (Clone Wars)
(no more mini-figures)
(several older figures would be re-released in this new packaging)

Wave 1 (July 2008) HERE
(only previously released figures in new packaging)

Wave 2 (Aug 2008) HERE
Anakin Skywalker/Jedi Starfighter ep2 (remould - new head/redeco)

Wave 3 (Sep 2008) HERE
General Grievous/Grievous Starfighter (new)
TIE Pilot/TIE Bomber (new)

Wave 4 (Nov 2008) HERE
Clone Pilot/Republic Gunship (enclosed white - 3rd version) (remould)
Imperial Trooper/AT-AT (jungle) (remould - new head/redeco)
Emperor Palpatine/Imperial Shuttle (black) (redeco)

Wave 5 (Feb 2009) NOT HERE
Captain Rex/AT-TE (new) (product was listed as 'Clone Trooper' but late change had it released as 'Captain Rex' - SEE Series 3 Wave 1)
Clone Pilot/V-19 (new)

Wave 6 (March 2009) NOT HERE
Shock Trooper/V-Wing (red) (new)
Plo Koon/Jedi Starfighter ep2 (remould - new head/redeco)

Wave 7 (May 2009) NOT HERE
Battle Droid/AAT (blue) (new)
Kit Fisto/Jedi Starfighter ep2 (remould - new head/redeco)

Series 3 - red packaging (Clone Wars season 2)
(several older figures would be re-released in this new packaging)

Wave 1 (July 2009) HERE
MagnaGuard/MagnaGuard Starfighter (new)
Ahsoka/Jedi Starfighter ep2 (remould - new head/redeco)
Clone Trooper/AT-TE (unchanged release of Captain Rex/AT-TE with a new name & bio, but same product number)

Wave 2 (Oct 2009) NOT HERE
Battle Droid Commander/Armored Assault Tank (brown) (redeco)
Clone Pilot/V-wing (grey) (redeco)

Wave 3 (Feb 2010) NOT HERE
Anakin Skywalker/Twilight (new)
Y-Wing Pilot/Y-Wing (new)

Wave 4 (Globally/here March 2010, not in US until June) HERE
Obi Wan Kenobi/Jedi Starfighter ep2 (no ring) (redeco)
Cad Bane/Xanadu Blood (remould - new head/redeco)
Anakin Skywalker/Y-Wing Bomber (remould - new head/redeco)

Series 4 - black packaging
(several older figures would be re-released in this new packaging)

Wave 1 (July 2010) HERE
Yoda/Republic Attack Shuttle (new)
Captain Rex/Freeco Speeder (new)
Anakin Skywalker/Jedi Starfighter ep2 (no ring re-release)

Wave 2 (Aug 2010) HERE
Clone Gunner/Republic Fighter Tank (new)

Wave 3 (Nov 2010) HERE
Lieutenant Thire/Republic Attack Cruiser (new)

Class 2 - Wave 4 (June 2011) HERE
Clone Commander Wolffe/Republic Gunship (blue/white closed version redeco)
Clone Captain Keeli/AT-TE (green redeco)
Battle Droid Commander/AAT (brown/orange redeco)

Class 1 - Wave 1 (July 2011) HERE
Obi Wan/Jedi Starfighter (Clone Wars) (new)
Anakin Skywalker/Jedi Starfighter (Ep3) (new)
General Grevious/Grevious' Starfighter (new)

Class 3 - Wave 1 (Aug 2011) HERE
Darth Vader/Anakin/Imperial Star Destroyer/Republic Attack Cruiser (Quad-changer)

Class 1 - Wave 2 (Oct 2011)
Darth Vader/Sith Starfighter (Ep3 version (redeco/new head)
Saesee Tiin/Jedi Starfighter (Clone Wars) (redeco/new head)
Clone Trooper Pilot/Y-wing Fighter (new)

Class 1 - Wave 3? (2012?)
Darth Maul/Sith Infiltrator (Ep3) (new)