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26th October 2011, 03:37 PM
Add classictoyspaper (myworld.ebay.com.au/classictoyspaper) to the list of sellers to avoid on eBay. The only reason I haven't left negative feedback is because I have to wait until 7 days after the auction to do so.

Won a MiB Captain Power Power Base (http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170713533367) from him which in the listing he stated he would ship worldwide.

When I won, it turned out that there were postage restrictions which meant that the only way it could go out via Priority Mail International was if they made a box for it.

I was naturally concerned about it making it out to Australia in good condition like that, so I asked them how much courier fees were going to cost (I got a rough quote of $1000 this morning which I would have been fine with) and whether there was enough padding around the MiB Power Base for it not to be an issue- attempting to not only contact them via eBay messaging but making numerous attempts at calling them internationally from my mobile phone.

This morning I woke up to a cancelled transaction request dispute attempt which I refuse to accept and a message saying they refuse to be liable for shipping costs over $100 (which is anything but the case when shipping by courier internationally is fully insured anyway). I contacted them, understandably rather annoyed about their approach which effectively amounted to an "up yours".

The seller informed me that they expected me to accept their request to cancel the request as they've already passed it on to the second highest bidder and they've accepted, and that I should just buy items this large locally from now on (clearly the seller can't grasp that Captain power stuff is almost impossible to buy locally).

I have reported the seller and like I said, I'll be leaving feedback the moment the 7 day time frame passes.

I would strongly advise anyone here to avoid dealing with them as this is clearly how they handle problems which arise during transactions.

26th October 2011, 04:14 PM
wow, sounds like a fairly messed up transaction, I realise it might be too late, but maybe, given their overall positive feedback it might be worth trusting them to make a suitable box for the USPS postage.

that's all I got, hope it womehow works out for you.

26th October 2011, 04:25 PM
Sorry to hear about that. That courier price for $1000 is messed up and whacked.

But what an awesome play set to get for your collection, I'd never seen that line before, but it looks fun!

26th October 2011, 04:25 PM
Honestly, after the way it panned out- they even accused me of having a mental illness because I was annoyed at their attitude - and the what I've seen of their neg feedback when there have been problems; I honestly don't trust them not to balls this up.

Besides they're demanding i agree to cancel the transaction because they've already passed it on to the second highest bidder and that bidder has apparently accepted.

26th October 2011, 04:28 PM
Sorry to hear about that. That courier price for $1000 is messed up and whacked.

Actually that courier price was me calling FedEx and it was the cheapest that I could get it for. I was fine paying that though as the playset is too big with padding and a box for it to be sent via regular mail due to Aust Post size restrictions so I was fine paying it (well not fine but it's a case of "if that's what the shipping costs then that's what it costs") if I had to as it was staying MIB.

But what an awesome play set to get for your collection, I'd never seen that line before, but it looks fun!

It is, which is why I'm annoyed that the seller is being such a douche about this.

26th October 2011, 04:43 PM
This could have been some indication the seller was troublesome. I have only ever had ***** dealings with OS ebayers but I have never bought anything so big. Must be a pretty cool toy to be prepared to pay upwards of $1k for shipping.

After Bidded & PAID Then Want MORE For Postage. Refunded. So Disappointed!! Buyer:
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Reply by classictoyspaper (21-Jun-11 23:13):
package too big 2 ship to australia. 79" package size limit. NOT our fault!!

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26th October 2011, 05:00 PM
This could have been some indication the seller was troublesome. I have only ever had ***** dealings with OS ebayers but I have never bought anything so big. Must be a pretty cool toy to be prepared to pay upwards of $1k for shipping.

Yeah saw that after the fact. The problem in these situations is when something is this rare (substitute rare for cool and you just made one hell of an understatement, but yeah it's really cool), you have to take a punt sometimes and hope for the best.

Still on the positive side of things; if it's a case of "3rd time's the charm" on this then this is the second bad deal I've had with a Power Base, so the next time should be a total milk-run.

4th November 2011, 08:28 PM
I'm curious to know how the problem has gone, and whether it was resolved.

4th November 2011, 08:51 PM
Oh it turned into a real doozy.

I'll share the email correspondence toward the tail end of it:

To put it in context, here is an important part of it which had previously transpired and in direct response to them demanding I agree to cancel the transaction as they have already offered the item to the 2nd highest bidder:

Me- What you are doing is against eBay terms of use. You are not allowed to offer the item to another buyer in these circumstances under eBay terms of use. Your doing that is your problem and not mine. I paid for that item and you have agreed to sell it to me. End of story. I will be reporting this to eBay as a breach of their terms of use. If things do nto change within 48 hours, I will be leaving negative feedback and spreading the word about this transaction to every single action figure forum I am on. I have tried being reasonable but it seems the only gestures you understand atre playing hardball!

Them- oh my goodness!! you obviously have some serious personal issues. do us all a favor and do NOT bid on items that are too big to be shipped to your country. end of story.

It starts out with the following phony civility.

Them-sorry this did not work out. still not sure as to why you are so upset with us. this is an issue with your countries USPS regulations. not us! we are not going to spend hundreds of dollars on shipping only to have a dispute filed later and we be out all that money. we have had quite a few packages go to your country never arrive and we take the hit. it was our fault, we never should of included AUstralia as an option.

Me- You've clearly missed the point. I have offered to pay the $1000 for this to go out via international courier (paying you the ammount invoiced now in the timeframe agreed on and then having you hold it while I get you the balance) yet before even discussing this with me, you offered it to the 2nd highest bidder and have been at best lacking in comprehension skills and at worst, difficult in your handling of this, to put it mildly (do you think I would be paying $1000 in courier fees for this to be shipped from the USA if it was available locally). The moment it goes via international courier the postage restrictions do not apply as Australia Post does not handle delivery of the item, not to mention that it's trackable every step of the way (and I find it strange that you've had multiple packages not turn up as in almost a decade of buying stuff from the US, I have never had a package go missing). You keep saying it would not work out, yet you have chosen this when I have presented a perfectly viable alternative, where both the shipping and item are covered and with the extra protection, where the item stands the least chance of being damaged.

As things stand I am well within my rights to leave neg feedback because you have gone back on a deal which is still workable and have had a horrible attitude.

Them- the last item we shipped to your country the package got was lost in the mail. the shipping cost us $175. it was a very heavy package filled with alot of shirts packed very tightly. it was a heavy package. we lost almost $400 on that load. i vowed to never ship to your country again let alone something out of the USA with a high shipping cost. because we lose that money also. i understand that a courier package is insured, but you and i both know that filing an insurance claim can take months. and in the meantime paypal would hold ALL the money till it is resolved. i have a family and 2 small hungry kids and can not afford to take that risk. so leave a negative if you like. i have never been anything but professional with you and have done nothing but try to explain my side. i understand that i have violated the ebay terms. based on my own error. we never meant this item to be shipped out of the USA at all. again, i am VERY VERY sorry you are not able to get this item from us. i can see that you are quite passionate about it and obviously really want it. all i can tell you is sorry!

Me- While I sympathise, I am not responsible for your past losses. You claim you swore never to ship an item this large internationally, yet you listed the item for worldwide shipping. Furthermore I would hardly call responding to reasonable demands for you to honour your end of the contract with childish 'I'm not talking to you' responses and blatent inferences if not accusations of my having a mental illness (or "personal problems" as you put it) as being professional. As such I have left negative feedback with 1 star across the board. Depending on what respnse you leave I will leave a follow up comment. If you attempt tp leave a negative feedback comment in the form of positive feedback, I will have it reported. I have also true to my word, warned people on every single action figure forum I am a member of, about the kind of conduct they can expect from you in potential future dealings. I would suggest reflecting on your attitude when problems arise in terms of future eBay transactions. Your eBay feedback is only as good as your last transaction.

you left us 1 star across the board? how can you do that when you have not even received the item. thanks ASSHOLE! my attitutde has been nothing but totaly proffesional. YOU are the one who it crying about not getting his toys. why dont you grow up and find a better hobby. i would love to meet you face to face and discuss this further. if you are ever in portland oregon look me up.

Those star ratings are all completely justified. The item was never delivered, meaning under item description category, 1 star is warranted. You refused to sell the item, therefore 1 star on shipping the item, as the item never arriving is as slow as you can get in terms of shipping times.

Your communication, such as inferring I have a mental illness and now rudeness like "grow-up and get a better hobby" and "YOU are the one who it crying about not getting his toys" (why even sell vintage toys to bbegin with if you are unwilling to deal with collectors), calling me an asshole and the "I'm not talking to you" line before, have all ammounted to woeful communication, hence 1 star there (incidentally, as this is clearly what you mean by "professional", you'll find that your definition of the word is rather unique to put it nicely).

You insisted on a shipping method which would have seen the item damaged without a doubt, thus 1 star in shipping charges is also relevant.

Furthermore what you have said by "wanting to discuss this face to face" is a clear threat of physical force and as this also breaches eBay rules, I will be reporting this also. For someone who speaks of a need for maturity, you would do well to take a long hard look in the mirror concerning your complete lack of it during this transaction.

nice feedback response. you are a complete idiot! how does me saying we can discuss this further face to face mean physical violence. you need to take a good look in the mirror and do some personal reflecting. sorry your life is so difficult that you feel the need to take it our on others. i wish we would of never crossed paths. all because we made an error in offering this to Australia. simple mistake that i apologized for over and over and over. but that was not good enought for you. you had to make it some kind of person thing. look at your e-mails to me and look at my responses, hopefully you can see what i am talking about. i am calling ebay on this one.

You seem confused about your own conduct. You made adversarial and unprofessional statements and then immediately after stated that you want to "discuss" the matter further. Given that the nature of the statements preceding stating that desire, it is entirely reasonable that you wish a face to face confrontation rather than a discussion. Furthermore, given the verbal abuse that you have hurled and tried to pass off as "professional" (the irony of this is not lost on me btw), it is entirely reasonable to deduce that said confrontation will be physical. As stated, I will be taking this to eBay and upon reviewing their policies, they appear to take an incredibly dim view of threats of violence, be they veiled or direct.

That was the last I heard of them, but as you can see, a real piece of work.

4th November 2011, 10:26 PM
that was a long read. but from reading that, the seller was indeed in the wrong and has been nothing but difficult and insulting.

his complaint about the high shipping cost is ridiculous - sellers don't even pay for shipping. if they follow proper procedures regarding shipping with registration and insurance then why would they lose money?

the idea of sending $400+ items through the mail without protection is stupid and they only have themselves to blame.

hopefully the 3rd time is the lucky time so good luck with that :)

5th November 2011, 08:59 AM
Thanks Kaiden. Unfortunately I need to add Joker316 (http://myworld.ebay.com/joker316/)aka Lody from the hisstank forums to this list as they have publicly stated they support the seller in this case based on the exact same information. While I have had no dealings with them on eBay, the fact that they do support such conduct is a massive red flag for dealing with them in the future.

6th November 2011, 01:33 AM

Listing the seller = fair enough

Listing someone from another forum for simply agreeing with what the seller's side from what you posted = too far

You have no idea what that guy is like. You're basing him off his evaluation of your post.

That seems a bit much to me, no?

6th November 2011, 06:59 AM
Cat, considering the fact that they supported the sellers actions, right down to the insults and threat made; it's entirely reasonable to raise a red flag about the other seller.

Someone siding with them, blaming you, blocking you on eBay as a buyer for it, starting a flamewar to the point where a mod steps in and tells them and 3 others (who didn't list their eBay IDs or I would have mentioned them as also being potential "red flags") to cut it out =/= simply agreeing with the seller.

If someone was coming out and saying they thought the seller was right and blocking you as a buyer simply for reporting the bad seller, wouldn't you regard that as a red flag that they could be a huge risk to deal with- especially considering the likes out wheeljackslab, who act the exact same way?

You do understand the difference between warning against someone who has ripped you off and stating they are a headache; and raising a red flag against another seller who has indicated that it is highly likely that they would act in the exact same way in the exact same situation, don't you? Or are you saying that ethics don't play a huge role in how a seller conducts themselves with selling items?