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24th February 2013, 06:56 PM
Need help Transforming something, try these links....

Hasbro site (http://www.hasbro.com/transformers/en_US/shop/product-guide.cfm#instructions) - Only seems to host recent toys

TF UK site (http://www.transformertoys.co.uk/transformers-instructions.php) - an archive of the Hasbro site instructions, before they are removed.

Unicron (http://www.unicron.com/tfitem/itemimage_db.php?mode=instructions) - Assorted scans from all eras (lots missing)

FortMax @ TFwiki (http://tfwiki.net/~fortmax/instructions/index.html) - Generation One to Armada, including JP (1984 - 2003)

Botch's site (http://www.botchthecrab.com/archive/instructions/) - Generation One & European