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17th June 2013, 02:09 PM
Robots in Disguise was a quick filler series for Hasbro, after the quick axing of Beast Machines. It only lasted a year, and was reworked from the Japanese series "Car Robots".

Details of this series can be read up here (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Transformers:_Robots_in_Disguise_%28franchise%29).

There was only one general release Comic (by Dreamwave), but there might have been some in Japan as well. If you have read any of these, let us know about them... or have a refresher read and post up some comments or reviews.

Was it worth finding/buying?

Worth recommending to others?

How did it compare to the current era of Transformers comics... and do you think they should revisit this era as a comic?

17th June 2013, 03:39 PM
Well if I recall correctly the DW comic was part of the 'Transformers Super Summer Spectacular" so you got comics from RID, Energon, G1 & BW.

I never got too attached to RID, I was just happy to have vehicles and gestalts back in the picture so loved the toys but pretty much ignored the cartoon and had not much interest in the one off comic.

If you can find the comic with the 4 stories in it - grab it! It's very cool! But the story of Scourge and whoever the Combaticon toys were supposed to be in that universe attacking while Ultra Magnus & Prime have a sibling squabble - eh - not particularly engrossing.