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4th October 2013, 01:57 PM
US Dates and plot details can be found here (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/List_of_Rescue_Bots_episodes).

Season One (2011-2012)

Ep 1 - Family of Heroes (Dec 17, 2011) Transformers Rescue Bots work with human first responders on an island that's also a high-tech testing ground.
Ep 2 - Under Pressure (Dec 17) The Rescue Bots and the Burns work together when a volcano threatens the island of Griffin Rock.
Ep 3 - Hot Shots (Feb 25, 2012) Dani gives Blades a new scoop claw to help on the front lines, but their sudden popularity threatens the team.
Ep 4 - Flobsters on Parade (Mar 3) Chase, Blades and Boulder must battle a swarm of flying lobsters.
Ep 5 - The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock (Mar 10) Huxley Prescott causes panic when he reports that aliens have invaded Griffin Rock.
Ep 6 - Cody on Patrol (Mar 17) Cody accidentally unleashes a swarm of futuristic nanites while he's trying to super-charge his go-kart to help in the team's rescue missions.
Ep 7 - Four Bots & a Baby (Apr 14) The Bots are enlisted to watch after Doc Greene's Robo-Baby.
Ep 8 - Walk on the Wild Side (Apr 21) Boulder decides that the team needs an animal mascot but maybe a zoo isn't the best place to find one.
Ep 9 - Christmas in July (Apr 28) Cody, his family and the Rescue Bots have to stop a snow storm in July when a weather machine goes haywire.
Ep 10 - Deep Trouble (May 5) A shark targeting high-tech ocean equipment is spotted off the Griffin Rock shore.
Ep 11 - Return of the Dino Bot (May 12) An intruder hacks into Griffin Rock's central computer and wreaks havoc.
Ep 12 - The Other Doctor (May 19) A scientist tries to replace the team with a new invention, leaving everyone out of the action.
Ep 13 - The Reign of Morocco (May 19) Cody looks for proof that the new scientist's invention is really a villainous plan.
Ep 14 - Small Blessings (Jun 9) The Rescue Bots are accidentally shrunk and the Burns family must work without their partners.
Ep 15 - The Griffin Rock Triangle (Jun 16) Cody finds a clue to an old mystery and makes a startling underwater discovery.
Ep 16 - Rules and Regulations (Jun 23) The Rescue Bots disobey the Chief's orders and find themselves in a life-threatening situation.
Ep 17 - The Lost Bell (Jun 30) A storm strands Cody on a deserted island where they find a pirate ship that holds the key to a mystery.
Ep 18 - Bumblebee to the Rescue (Jul 7) Bumblebee pays the Rescue Bots a visit just in time to help investigate a mysterious meteor.
Ep 19 - You've Been Squilshed (Jul 14) The Bots and Burns must stop a giant glob of space slime before it consumes the town.
Ep 20 - Countdown (Jul 21) Cody and the Rescue Bots try to solve the vanishing mystery when the residents of Griffin Rock start disappearing.
Ep 21 - The Haunting of Griffin Rock (Jul 28) Ghosts haunt and terrorize the residents of Griffin Rock.
Ep 22 - Little White Lies (Aug 4) Unaware that Chief Burns and Chase are trapped in an underground mine, the Bots and Burns siblings start a search for them.
Ep 23 - Shake Up (Aug 11) The Rescue Bots lead the rescue efforts when a series of earthquakes strike the island.
Ep 24 - Rescue Boy (Aug 11) Cody gains fame as the newest superhero when he participates in dangerous rescues.
Ep 25 - It's a Bot Time (Aug 18) When Doc Greene's experiment with a time machine goes awry, the Bots end up being captured by an old nemesis.
Ep 26 - Bot to the Future (Aug 18, 2012) When the Bots return home they find that Doctor Morocco is in command of Griffin Rock.

Season Two (2013-2014)

Ep 1 - Road Trip (March 1, 2014) Frankie and Doc know the Rescue Bots secret. A tricky transporter takes Cody for a crazy ride and Kade takes on a high-flying rescue mission.
Ep 2 - Sky Forest (March 1, 2014) Cody and Frankie go head to head in a town inventor contest, and the Mayor's involvement in Frankie's invention endangers the town.
Ep 3 - One for the Ages (March 8, 2014) Cody is turned into a grown-up during an experiment, which compromises his spot on the rescue team.
Ep 4 - Tip of the Iceberg (March 15, 2014) A mysterious iceberg off the coast of Griffin Rock brings both danger and the interest of an old nemesis.
Ep 5 - A Virtual Disaster (March 29, 2014) Cody and Blades are caught in a VR game when the dangers it presents turn deadly. Heatwave realizes Blades' potential as a true hero.
Ep 6 - Spellbound (March 22, 2014) The Bots and Burnses are in mind-controlled stupors; Cody scrambles to snap them out of it before he's sucked in.
Ep 7 - Prescott's Bots (April 5, 2014) The Team is forced to participate in a reality show that captures extreme danger on camera.
Ep 8 - Blame the Gremlins (April 12, 2014) Kade's nightmares come to life and threaten Griffin Rock and Cody and the Rescue Bots must help.
Ep 9 - Feed the Beast (April 19, 2014) While trying to hunt it down, Cody and the Bots discover the legendary Maine Ridge Monster is closer than they thought.
Ep 10 - What Lies Below (April 26, 2014) Cody's uncle comes to visit; the Rescue Team goes on a mission below the Earth's surface.
Ep 11 - What Rise Above (May 3, 2014) The Rescue Bots and Burnses must work together when they are stuck underground in a primeval world.
Ep 12 - Space Bots (May 10, 2014) Doc and Graham are stranded in orbit; Rescue Bots set out to save them.
Ep 13 - The Island of Misfit Tech (May 17, 2014) Cody and the Bots are led on an adventure to an island filled with dangerous technology.
Ep 14 - The Vigilant Town (May 24, 2014) The new computer designed to keep Griffin Rock safe becomes dangerous.
Ep 15 - Buddy System (May 31, 2014) Finding themselves shackled to unusual partners during a nature hike, the Rescue Team battles a bevy of escaped snakes overrunning Griffin Rock.
Ep 16 - In Search of the Griffin's Nest (June 7, 2014) While on a hike, the Bots wonder if they're close to the mythical Griffin's nest.
Ep 17 - Bots and Robbers (June 14, 2014) Chase goes rogue on an undercover mission to discover Evan and Myles's latest plan, as the Bots and Burns family do their best to save the island without using any modern technology.
Ep 18 - Rescue Dog (June 21, 2014) Cody and the Bots find a stray dog who ends up joining the rescue team, but Priscilla Pynch has other plans for the pet.
Ep 19 - Changes (June 28, 2014) Doctor Morocco learns a devastating secret that threatens the Rescue Bots' mission, but Optimus Prime guides Heatwave to acquire a surprising new ability.
Ep 20 - The Riders of Midwinter (not yet aired in America) (unknown)
Ep 21 - Movers and Shakers (July 5, 2014) The Rescue Team has to take action when rogue technology goes underground.
Ep 22 - Chief Woodrow (not yet aired in America) (unknown)
Ep 23 - Odd Bot Out (July 12, 2014) When Bumblebee partners up with Dani on a mission, Blades feels left out.
Ep 24 - The Griffin Rock Express (July 19, 2014) A mysterious superhero keeps a close eye on Griffin Rock while the Rescue Team rebuilds a train tunnel.
Ep 25 - Double Villainy (July 26, 2014) A plan is hatched by Griffin Rock's most evil villains to kidnap the Bots and put them to work.
Ep 26 - Rise of the Heroes (August 2, 2014) The amnesiac Bots have to help the Burns family save Griffin Rock.

Season Three (2014-2015)

Ep 1 - Land Before Prime (November 1, 2014) After discovering an island of dinosaurs, Optimus must embrace his primal side.
Ep 2 - Big Game (November 1, 2014) Optimus Prime's new Dinosaur Mode becomes the target of a big game hunter.
Ep 3 - Too Many Kades (November 8, 2014) Cody and the Rescue Bots show Kade a valuable lesson in teamwork.
Ep 4 - Phantom of the Sea (November 15, 2014) The Rescue Bots and the Burns family get on a ghost ship that emerges once every ten years.
Ep 5 - Unfinished Business (November 22, 2014) The Rescue Bots must return to space to complete one last mission they started before coming to Earth.
Ep 6 - No Place Like Dome (November 29, 2014) When Doc creates a giant dome to shield Griffin Rock from a hurricane, he inadvertently gives the Vigilant Computer a second chance to "protect" the island.