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16th January 2008, 12:23 PM
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Included with your TakaraTOMY Transformers is a small slip of paper with instructions on how to access the TakaraTOMY survey page. Do not throw this paper away as it contains your customer ID number which is unique for each toy (and will alter the set of questions that will follow as a result).

This series of instructions is based on answering the survey for Encore Ironhide and questions may vary for different Transformers, especially from a different series.

Here is the slip of paper I was talking about...


Circled in green is the survey URL. Enter this URL into your web browser.

You should now see this screen...


This is the typical "legal blurb" page giving you TakaraTOMY's privacy policy/statement and how it's all done over a secured connection yada yada yada...

If you agree to these conditions and you're willing to proceed, click on the big red button.

You should now see this screen...


In the first box (three boxes linked by dashes) enter your customer ID number. You don't need to add the hyphens nor do you need to hit TAB or click over with your mouse - the site will automatically bring your cursor to the next box as needed. Neat, huh? ;) So just enter your customer ID number as one single continuous number with no breaks.

Then you enter your bar code in the next box. Make sure that you're entering the bar code number that is located under the bar code on the back of the box and not the bar code that is shown on that little slip of paper. The bar code on the slip of paper is only a sample and will not work!

Once you've done all that, click on the button below to begin the survey.

If you receive this error message...


it means that you've incorrectly entered the customer ID number. So just check again and re-enter it correctly. I've only ever tried entering it in upper case - never tried it in lower case.

If you receive this error message...


It means that the bar code has been entered incorrectly. So check again and re-enter it correctly.

That's what I did - and it still didn't work! I clicked on the link to check my bar code - the link takes you to a search engine where I punched in Ironhide's name but couldn't find any links for Encore Ironhide.

So I called Takara. And the operator did the whole usual trouble-shooting routine with me, making sure that I was entering the right bar code from the back of the box and that I was entering the thirteen digit code under the bar code and not the 6-digit code above it, asked if I'd tried using the search engine etc etc etc, the usual thing that support staff do with troubleshooting. After realising that I'd done everything correctly, she put me on hold to speak to her supervisor (worst hold music - ever!) and she came back and told me that Ironhide's bar code was not yet listed on the site's database! She then told me that she would refer the fault to the head of Takara's Transformers department who should then take steps to rectify the error and advised me to try again in 2-3 days' time!

I mentioned to her that although I haven't tried Ratchet's bar code yet that because Ratchet came out around the same time as Ironhide that I suspect that some of the newer releases may not have had their bar codes entered into the site database yet and that she might want to make a note for the TF dept. to check and make sure that all the new Transformers' bar codes have been correctly updated and entered on the site database.

So yeah... this is as far as I could get. :p Will have to try again in 2-3 days' time and see if I can get any further and obviously when I do I will post updates on this thread. :)

16th January 2008, 12:42 PM
thanks..that's very helpful. i was wondering what those sheet of paper does?
also thought it was sort of a lucky draw or prize give-away that i'm missing out

16th January 2008, 01:52 PM
very good instructions, Gok! definite sticky! :)

16th January 2008, 08:39 PM
very good instructions, Gok! definite sticky! :)

Done (:

(gah not enough characters. Everyone ask for reissue Time Warrior)

17th January 2008, 11:50 AM
I tried the survey this morning - and it worked! Looked like TakaraTOMY's TF staff must've worked pretty quickly to update that database! Now that's service! :D

So anyway, here's the actual survey (it's all on one page so prepare for much scrollage). Oh yeah, unlike the older surveys, this one no longer asks you to select up to 3 Transformers that you would like TakaraTOMY to reissue, which was disappointing. But if you would like to tell TakaraTOMY what you think of your toy (in this case, Encore Ironhide) then proceed... :)

Yeah, the survey only allows you to enter your name in Kanji, Hiragana or Katakana (Japanese scripts). I tried to do it in Roman alphabet, but it gave me an error message. :/ For those of you with a Kanji background (Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc heritage) then this shouldn't be a problem - just use your Kanji names. For those of you with a non-Kanji background... erm... make one up? :p

Entering your name and address are not marked as required fields is only important if you want TakaraTOMY to send you your lucky-draw prize (I assume that leaving these fields blank simply means that you're not in the draw).

If you really want to be in the draw (and remember, it's a lottery) you'll need traceable name and Japanese address, so I would recommend asking a friend in Japan.

And here's how you fill in your address and phone number...
Although the prefecture that is selected in the green box is different (it's Saitama, not Tokyo) Tokyo is the 2nd one below that and is the one that appears in the orange circle ;)

The next part's quite self-explanatory...
Email address is a required field but obviously you leave the first check box blank if you don't want to receive promotional stuff from TakaraTOMY.

This next section is optional for those of you who have children...

And the rest is self-explanatory...








That's it! :)

17th January 2008, 07:08 PM
Nice work Gok!

18th January 2008, 02:11 PM
Thanks Gok. I just completed it with the papers that came with my TCS #20. Your instructions were fantastic... although I had an extra page or two of questions AFTER the rating section.. i.e. Very Satisfied vs. Very Unsatistfied.

Here are the three pages:


18th January 2008, 03:19 PM
Hmm... I need to fill out the online survey for my TFC Kup and Wheelie.




18th January 2008, 03:37 PM
Thanks Gok

18th January 2008, 04:52 PM
No worries mate. :)

12th October 2008, 08:13 AM
Thanks a lot for this :D Will have to go back and find that doco from my toys so I can submit one of these :)

12th April 2013, 12:40 AM
I just filled out the survey for MP Rumble/Ravage. It's mostly similar to the Encore survey translated in posts 1 and 2 of this thread, but here are some questions that are unique to the MP survey (and particularly for the MP cassettes)


Once you've hit the submit/send button, it will take you to a confirmation page. Scroll down and hit "send" to confirm, or the back button to edit/change anything.

13th April 2013, 01:19 PM
Okay, I just filled out the Encore Fortress Maximus survey. There are some new/different questions which I'll cover here. Remember that all questions marked with a red asterisk are mandatory fields.

Question 13
How would you rate the design of this product?
Click on one of the buttons from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best, and 1 being the worst

Question 14
Overall satisfaction
(same rating system as Q13)

Question 15
Who will be primarily using this product?
3 options, choose one:
yourself / child / other

Question 16
Age of the main user
Manually input your age into the box

Question 19
gender of main user (refer to post #5)
男 = male, 女 = female

Question 30
Did you receive this product as a present?
はい = yes, いいえ = no

Question 31
Who purchased this product?
[] yourself
[] user's father
[] user's mother
[] user's uncle or aunt
[] other [specify]

Question 32
Date of purchase
Click on drop down menus and select year-month-date

Question 33
Same as on the Masterpiece survey (see post #12)

Question 34
How did you find out about this product? (see post #5 - same options)

Question 35
Reasons for purchasing this product.
You can select more than 1 choice. See post #5.

Question 36
Reasons for your interest in this product (may select up to 3)
[] because it's a Transformer product
[] because I like the robot mode
[] because I like the fortress mode
[] because I like the city mode
[] because the transformation is interesting
[] because I like Fortress Maximus
[] because it's a reissue of a popular product
[] because it's a premium product
[] because I collect Transformers Encore
[] other [specify]

Question 37
How many Transformers do you have?
Click on one of the options, the last one is "300 or more"

Now here's the real exciting question!
Question 38
Which character would you like to see for the next Encore?
[] Scramble gestalt, such as Superion
[] Dinobot, such as Grimlock
[] Triple Changer, such as Blitzwing or Astrotrain
[] Ultra Magnus
[] Trypticon
[] God Ginrai
[] Grand Maximus
[] Star Sabre
[] Dai Atlas
[] Metro Titan
[] Other

Question 39
How do you play with this toy? (select up to 3)
[] play as robot
[] play as fortress
[] play as city
[] play with other TF toys
[] display with other TF toys
[] play with other Encores
[] display with other Encores
[] display in poses
[] keeping sealed
[] other [specify]

Question 40
Good points about playing w/ this product (up to 3)
[] transformation is interesting
[] robot mode is good
[] fortress mode is good
[] city mode is good
[] accessories are good
[] price is good
[] durability and size is good
[] other [specify]

Questions 41 to 45 are the same as in the Masterpiece survey (see post #12)

RE: Question 38
If you would like to select "Other" and nominate a character that you'd like to see reissued, but you don't know how to type it in Japanese, you can copy and paste the name off TFwiki like this...

13th April 2013, 06:31 PM
Got one with my Sky Lynx today. Might check it out. :cool:;)

13th April 2013, 09:23 PM
Each toy comes with its own ID number and you have to input the ISBN to access the survey. So I doubt that older Encores like Sky Lynx will open up the newer surveys like the one that comes with Fortress Maximus. You can see that this survey has some Fort Max specific questions (such as mentioning the fortress and city modes). The Sky Lynx survey will more likely open up the older survey as shown in post #1 and #5 of this thread. Nothin' wrong with filling the survey out, but I wouldn't expect it to have any of the newer questions, especially the one asking you to select/nominate future Encore characters. :o

But this does give us hope that TakaraTOMY is going back to the good old days when they were more willing to listen to collectors (Hasbro certainly seems to be going toward that direction too). :) I was quite surprised to see the Dinobots as one of the options -- it shows that they're willing to consider going to the expense of reconstructing lost moulds! :eek:

13th April 2013, 09:48 PM
I would love the dinobots! Individuals, 5-pack, I just want them!!! :D;)

15th April 2013, 08:29 AM
I was quite surprised to see the Dinobots as one of the options -- it shows that they're willing to consider going to the expense of reconstructing lost moulds! :eek:

Oh god yes :cool: :cool: :cool: (Still wouldn't replace my Grimlock; he has massive sentimental value).

15th April 2013, 03:34 PM
I am very confused by some of these questions... :confused:

15th April 2013, 03:57 PM
I am very confused by some of these questions... :confused:

Which ones?

15th April 2013, 04:28 PM
Never mind. Gok's guide helped. Mainly the "Who is using this mostly?" questions, which chrome translated to "Who do you mainly do with this product?" or something of that nature. :p ;)

9th March 2014, 03:14 PM
I finally got around to filling out the online survey for the MP Nissans and noticed that Q.38 offers the following choices for potential MP characters that you can vote for:
Obviously a lot of people must've been voting for Wheeljack, Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus since TakTOM's planning on releasing these as products, so I personally didn't vote for them. My choices are still based on trying to get TakTOM to release more 1984 Autobots as MPs. ;) (I nominated "Cliffjumper" under the 'Other' option) :o

9th March 2014, 05:23 PM
Its interesting to see G2 Grimlock on the list as well, as I thought that this would happen anyway given the success of G2 Sideswipe.

9th March 2014, 06:32 PM
Obviously a lot of people must've been voting for Wheeljack, Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus since TakTOM's planning on releasing these as products, so I personally didn't vote for them.

Not necessarily... since that list was done up with the next few already being designed, they could just be getting some feedback of the upcoming MPs to better know how many thousands to produce, so that there aren't too many, or too few. Especially if they were pressured to produce Bumblebee for the western markets (just my thoughts, not backed by any evidence).
Who knows, maybe one or two of the others are already green-lit as well... and TT are also seeing if they will be popular or not.

9th March 2014, 09:13 PM
Just came across this thread after opening eHobby Magnificus. Thanks Gok, for the very informative review and translations.

I find it really interesting that they have an individual serial code for each product and a corresponding survey.

21st October 2014, 11:37 PM
Just completed the survey for MP20 Wheeljack, and here's the current version of Q.33 regarding the character that you can vote on for upcoming MPs that you'd like to see. Understandably they've removed the option for Ultra Magnus and the to-scale Exo-Suit, since they're both coming soon.


21st October 2014, 11:53 PM
Hello, Victory Leo

22nd October 2014, 06:18 AM
I personally voted for / nominated all the remaining 1984 Autobots. We already have all the 1st year Decepticons as MPs, I'd like to see the rest of the Autobots done now. ;)

22nd October 2014, 07:05 AM
hmmmm, Movie OP and Bee. I wonder if they are thinking new moulds with a better overall design or are they just thinking of a premium redeco like the existing MPM toys?

16th April 2017, 02:29 AM
Well this sucks. I just did the online survey for MP35 and a LOT of questions have been stripped back, with virtually no questions about the toy (other than rating its RRP out of 5), and zero questions about the toy itself nor any questions about future character preferences. :(

This is the first time that I've done the survey since it was Brockville geoblocked 3 years ago, but judging from the fact that none of our JP based members have said anything, I assume that this is a new thing. :(
I've yet to do MP36's survey, but I'm not optimistic.

P.S. just looked at MP36's survey and it has more questions than MP35's! :o

I've been reading it off my phone and making hand written notes as I won't be able to see this when I go back to Australia. Some nice new questions too

23rd April 2017, 01:25 PM
Current survey questions as per what I found on MP35's and MP36's online surveys.
Note that these are basic translations based on rough hand written notes that I took while doing these surveys on my mobile phone while I was in Japan. They may not be as comprehensive as my previous translations but it should still give you enough information to complete the surveys.

The first 13 questions are very generic - they seem to be the type of standard questions that they would put on any product survey. Unfortunately MP35's survey stops at Q13 and doesn't go on to ask more pertinent questions about the TF/MP line, althuogh MP36's survey does. So if you're interested in giving TakaraTOMY feedback about the MP line, then I recommend that you skip Grapple's entirely and go straight for Megatron's. Scroll down to MP36 QUESTIONS to get to the good stuff. ;)


Q1 - same as previously translated first question (select a prize or opt out)

Q2 - gender: ○M ○F

Q3 - Would you like to receive further information from TakaraTOMY?
○Yes ○No (if yes enter email address)


Q5 - Who is the primary user of this toy?
○ Myself ○ A child ○ Other

Q6 - Age of the primary user

Q7 - School year of the primary user
○ Year 1
○ Year 2
○ Year 3
○ Year 4
○ Year 5
○ Year 6
○ Year 7
○ Year 8
○ Year 9
○ Year 10
○ Year 11
○ Year 12
○ Other

Q8 - How old is your child if s/he is under 2?
○ In utero ○ Between 0 to 11 months ○ Between age 1 to 1 & 11 months

Q9 - Gender of primary user
○ M ○ F

Q10 - How do you feel about the price of this product?
From 5-1 with 5 being best and 1 being the worst

Q11 - Who bought this toy?
○ Myself
○ Father
○ Mother
○ Grandfather
○ Grandmother
○ Uncle
○ Auntie
○ Other

Q11 - Where was this product purchase from?
○ TakaraTOMY Mall
○ Amazon
○ Online source other than TTM or Amazon
○ Toys 'R' Us
○ Camera/electronics store (in store)
○ Camera/electronics store (online)
○ Specialist toy store
○ Department store
○ Itoyokado
○ Uny/Apita/Piago
○ Other online source (not mentioned above)
○ Other supermarket
○ Discount store
○ General store
○ Convenience store (in store)
○ Convenience store (online)
○ Pharmacy
○ Akachan Honpo (in store)
○ Akachan Honpo (online)
○ Nishimatsuya
○ Tokyu Hands/LOFT
○ Pokémon Centre
○ Disney store
○ Trading card store
○ Branded toy store (e.g. Tomica, Lego etc.)
○ I forget/don't know

Q13 - how did you find out about this product (multiple options OK)
○ Saw it in store
○ Saw it on a TV show (free to air)
○ Saw it on a TV commercial (free to air)
○ Saw it on a Kids Station programme
○ Saw it on a Kids Station commercial
○ Saw it in a newspaper article
○ Saw it in a newspaper advertisement
○ Saw it in a magazine article
○ Saw it in a magazine advertisement
○ Saw it on a store-displayed advertising poster
○ Saw it in an advertising leaflet/flyer (inserted in a newspaper, magazine, book etc.)
○ Saw it in a TakaraTOMY catalogue
○ From a friend
○ Saw it at a convention
○ Saw in on TakaraTOMY's online video
○ Saw it on someone else's online video
○ Saw it in a men's magazine
○ Saw it in an app banner
○ Saw it on an online store's site (e.g. Rakuten, Amazon etc.)
○ Saw it online [i](guh, can't read my handwriting after this :p)
○ Saw it on a blog
○ Saw it on social media
○ Saw it on online video site (e.g. YouTube)
○ Saw it on online advertisement
○ Other

Then there's a bunch of unnumbered questions which ask for additional personal information like what device you're using blah blah boring blah...

MP36 QUESTIONS - questions pertaining to Masterpiece

Q14 - Why did you buy this toy? (you may select more than one choice)
○ I like Transformers
○ It is the best line out of all TFs
○ G1 accuracy
○ The high level of design
○ I like the character
○ The transformation is intuitive and challenging
○ High level of poseability
○ I had the original as a child
○ I am collecting the series
○ I want to display this toy
○ I want to recreate battle scenes with this toy
○ Fun to transform and play with
○ My friends also have this toy
○ Other

MP15 - What other MPs do you own? (you may select more than one answer)
○ MP10
○ MP11
○ MP12
○ MP13
○ MP14
○ MP15
○ MP16
○ MP17
○ MP18
○ MP19
○ MP20
○ MP21
○ MP22
○ MP23
○ MP24
○ MP25
○ MP26
○ MP27
○ MP28
○ MP29
○ MP30
○ MP31
○ MP32
○ MP33
○ MP34
○ MP35
○ MP36
○ MP37
○ MP38

Q16 - Why did you get MP36?
○ Scales with MP10
○ High level of articulation and poseability
○ To recreate/re-enact scenes
○ The transformation engineering is of a high standard and intuitive
○ G1 cartoon accuracy
○ Other

Q17 - How do you feel about the pacing of the MP line?
○ Fast
○ Just right
○ Slow

Q18 - How do you feel about the recent numbering of new MPs?
○ Too many
○ Just right
○ Too few

Q19 - What would you like to see (more of) in future MPs?
○ Finer details
○ Just looks good
○ Greater cartoon accuracy in the robot mode
○ Greater cartoon accuracy in the vehicle mode
○ Just keep up what you're doing now
○ Other

Q20 - Comment about your expectations for upcoming MP products (write up to 200 characters)

Q21 - Which TF series have you purchased in the past year?
(including pre-orders)
○ UW
○ Metal Collection (メタコレ)
○ MP
○ Movie - the Best series
○ The Last Knight
○ None of the above

Q22 - How much have you spent on TFs in the past year?
○ ¥10,000 (AU$125) or less
○ Between ¥20,000~50,000 (AU$245-$610)
○ Between ¥60,000~100,000 ($735-$1220)
○ Between ¥110,000~150,000 ($1350-$1825)
○ Between ¥160,000~200,000 ($1950-$2435)
○ Between ¥210,000~200,000 ($2555-$3045)
○ Between ¥160,000~200,000 ($1950-$2435)
○ Between ¥260,000~300,000 ($3165-$3655)
○ Over ¥310,000 ($3775)

Q23 - How many times have you purchased TFs in the past year?
○ Once
○ 3 times
○ 6 times
○ 9 times
○ 12 times
○ Over 20 times

Q24 - How many TF (toys) have you purchased in the past year?
○ 1
○ 2-5
○ 6-10
○ 11-15
○ 16-20
○ 21-25
○ 26-30
○ 31-35
○ 36-40
○ Over 50

Q25 - What has been your monthly budget/limit on TF spending in the past year?
○ Don't have one
○ ¥5000 (AU$63)
○ ¥10,000 ($125)
○ ¥20,000 ($245)
○ ¥30,000 ($370)
○ ¥40.000 ($495)
○ ¥50,000 ($610)
○ Other

Q26 - How often did you acquire TFs in the past year?
○ Once a month
○ 2-3 times a month
○ Once ever half-year
○ Once a year