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20th May 2015, 05:40 PM
The RID Game App has unlockable characters to play in the game, which can be temporarily unlocked by scanning the codes on the toys, or permanently unlocking them with Ultra Sparks (which you earn from scanning toys).

The characters you permanently unlock are still scannable (to earn more Ultra Sparks for unlocking other characters), and some toys have multiple codes that you can scan to earn more Ultra Sparks even though you already have that character unlocked with one of its other codes.

NOTE - I have now posted up all the codes I've found or obtained, because no one is going to be buying these toys just for the codes, so this won't be preventing sales.

There are four things you can earn from scanning codes...
- unlock characters
- Powerups (super powers in the game, including Minicons and Kreons)
- Energon cubes (for unlocking toy characters only, and access to the Decepticon Tower)
- Ultra Sparks (for unlocking toy and non-toy characters, and access to the Decepticon Tower)

Ultra Sparks earned from toy classes...
5 - Legion, 1-step, Titan 6-inch (Guardian)
8 - Warrior, 3-step (Hero), Titan 12-inch (Hero), Titan Electronic, Titan Changer, Deployer.
10 - Super 3-step, Mega 1-step.
(unknown at this time - StompNChomp, Cybertron, Ultra)

Toys that don't have Ultra Sparks or Character unlocks...
- Kreo Custom (no scanning codes)
- Kreo build-sets (earns Kreon Power-up)
- Minicons (earns Minicon Power-up)
- Tiny Titans (earns a random Power-up and a random amount of Energon)
- Hero Mashers (no scanning codes)
(Nikko remote control car is a Power-up, but was a cancelled licensed item, so is now just a regular random Power-up you can earn)

You can save these images to use yourself, but they are NOT to be shared or posted anywhere else without my written permission, so I don't want anyone claiming that all this work is theirs.
When scanning in the codes, cover up all but the one you are trying to scan, as your device will lock onto the easiest one in view of your camera.
All have been tested on my phone and work, even the tiny ones. Just keep moving your device around or back and forth until it can focus on the code to register it.

First up are the non-toy codes that only earn you Energon, and the unresponsive codes I have found so far. I have included them because they are different, and are here ready to be used if they are ever added to the Game App.

- Toys released around January 2015.

- Toys released around February.

- Toys released around May.http://toycollectors.com.au/transformers/ridcode4.jpg

- Toys released around June/July.

- Toys released around August/September 2015, and beyond.

2nd June 2015, 03:27 PM
I've added the second wave collage above, but I need to edit it, as I forgot to note the second Warrior Optimus code being from the internet.

I've also found a heap of extra codes from here (http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-news-rumors/1032906-transformers-robots-disguise-mobile-game-update-post12495411.html) that are different to ones I already have, but I'm not sure if I will add them just yet, as there are now enough different codes to build up a warchest of Ultra-Sparks, ready to unlock the next wave of Game App additions.

7th June 2015, 09:20 PM
There is still some time before I post up the next wave, but here is a "warchest" collage for people who are wanting to permanently unlock all the current characters, and to start building up your Ultra-Sparks ready for the next character update to the App.
Scanning a toy only unlocks them for 24 hours, while Ultra-Sparks unlock them permanently - so the "warchest" collage below will give you over 550 Ultra-Sparks (scannable once per day) from the most valuable scanning codes, as most people won't have the time or patience to scan every toy code every day.
But NOTE - the Game App only allows you to have a maximum of 999 Ultra-Sparks in your account... so I have now done up a second warchest for Energon scanning Codes, which has a much larger maximum to accrue (and both Ultra-Sparks and Energon can be used for unlocking characters).

Some of these scanning codes are not yet revealed in the first post, so you get some advance access to them and the characters they unlock.

With these, and for the others, an easier alternative to covering up the codes you aren't wanting to scan, I find it easier to spend a little time first to cut out and save each code separately as an image file, and scroll through a folder of images of the individual codes as you scan each one. I have their file-names starting with the amount of Ultra-Sparks they earn, so that I can scroll through in descending order until I run out of time or get bored.


4th August 2015, 09:46 PM
The First post has been updated with Wave 3 Scanning Codes, and the Third post has been updated with a new Warchest collage with an explanation as to why.

7th August 2015, 02:46 PM
I've decided to post up all the scanning codes that I have compiled, as I can't imagine that it would prevent anyone from buying the toy... as I don't think anyone would be buying the toys for the cods.

17th August 2015, 10:47 PM
Updated with some new ones I found today.
This leaves just four left that are on the Game App that I don't have yet.
Two have been released as toys - Legion Patrol Mode Strongarm & One-step Gold Armor Grimlock.
Two are yet to be released as toys - Warrior Megatronus, Stomp&Chomp Grimlock.

I also did up this collage of the Minicons now that I have all 10 scanning codes...