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8th October 2015, 04:03 PM
Anyone know if the RID Tiny Titan blind packs you get at Coles have any discernible codes so you can figure out who is inside? There are only a few I want so don't wanna waste my money

8th October 2015, 05:37 PM
Anyone know if the RID Tiny Titan blind packs you get at Coles have any discernible codes so you can figure out who is inside? There are only a few I want so don't wanna waste my money

No codes on the packaging, but there is a tiny window at the bottom of the back you can use if you know the colours and shapes of the characters you want.

Or, if you have the time, for Series 3 onwards there is a trick with the character cards that took about 5 minutes to figure out.
Inside each pack is a character card and two folded sheets of paper. When holding the pack so that the front is facing you, the papers are at the front (inside) and the character card is behind them (with the figurine at the back of the pack). So what I did was, pushed everything to the top of the pack, then held the thicker character card at the top with fingernails while sliding the papers down to the bottom with other fingernails, which will reveal the name at the top of the character card through the aqua part of the pack.
(that's a very fiddly process that took a couple tries to get it right)
Half of those big white letters at the top of the Character card are now readable through the aqua top part of the plastic pack, to the right of Optimus. (some will need a little shuffling to get enough letters to find the ones you want, as I couldn't read it through the red plastic)
A couple of the names have Autobot at the top, so if you can't read the second word (name), check the window on the back of the pack and see if it has the plastic colour you are looking for. Same with Fixit and Filch in Series 3, as their name are very small, so might be hard to read enough letters through the aqua plastic.


Each series has been packed differently.

Series 1 - had the cards randomly packed in different directions and sides facing forward. (not released in Australia - I bought a full box from BBTS, so didn't have that hassle)

Series 2 - had all the cards at the front of the pack and facing forwards, making it easy to see the number (out of 12) showing through the grey below Bumblebee. (if you know the numbers of the characters you want, or to get a full set)

Series 3 - has all the character cards facing forwards, but behind the paperwork (see the instructions at the top of this post).

Series 4 - not yet obtained, so don't know (not released in Australia)

Series 5 - same as Series 3.

Series 6 - same as Series 3.

Card numbers & plastic colours for each wave, with exact names listed...

- - Wave 1 (random order)
1 - (RID) Bumblebee (dark grey)
2 - (RID) Grimlock (dark grey)
3 - (RID) Strongarm (dark blue)
4 - (RID) Steeljaw (dark blue)
5 - (RID) Sideswipe (red)
6 - (RID) Optimus Prime (red)
7 - (RID) Underbite (dark grey)
8 - (RID) Thunderhoof (dark blue)
9 - (G1) Prowl (dark grey)
10 - (RID) Hammerstrike (dark blue)
11 - (RID) Bisk (red)
12 - (G1) Cliffjumper (red)

- - Wave 2 (mostly reversed alphabetical)
1 - (G1) Ultra Magnus (blue)
2 - (G1) Autobot Topspin (blue)
3 - (RID) Terrashock (blue)
4 - (G1) Superion (grey)
5 - (G1) Starscream (grey)
6 - (G1) Soundwave (purple)
7 - (G1) Sharkticon (purple)
8 - (RID) Quillfire (purple)
9 - (G1) Cyclonus (purple)
10 - (G1) Autobot Ratchet (grey)
11 - (G1) Bumblebee (grey)
12 - (G1) Autobot Jazz (blue)

- - Wave 3 (grouped by colours)
1 - (RID) Autobot Drift (orange)
2 - (G1) Repugnus (orange)
3 - (G1) Wreck-Gar (orange)
4 - (RID) Fixit (orange)
5 - (RID) Filch (purple)
6 - (RID) Decepticon Fracture (purple)
7 - (G1) Shockwave (purple)
8 - (BW) Beast Wars Megatron (purple)
9 - (G1) Wheeljack (grey)
10 - (G1) Optimus Prime (grey)
11 - (RID Springload (grey)
12 - (G1) Autobot Twinferno (Doublecross) (grey)

----- Wave 4 (mostly grouped by colours)
1 - (RID) Optimus Prime (second version) (red)
2 - (RID) Sideswipe (second version) (red)
3 - (RID) Clampdown (red)
4 - (G1) Inferno (red)
5 - (G1) Devastator (green)
6 - (Prime) Bulkhead (green)
7 - (G1) Roadbuster (green)
8 - (RID) Fracture (second version) (purple)
9 - (Prime?) Megatron (purple)
10 - (G1) Galvatron (purple)
11 - (RID) Grimlock (second version) (green)
12 - (G1) Kickback (purple)

----- Wave 5 (random order)
1 - (G1) Chromia (dark blue)
2 - (G1) Autobot Blaster (red)
3 - (RID) Steeljaw (second version) (dark blue)
4 - (RID) Autobot Jazz (grey)
5 - (Gen1) Starscream (second version - with crown & cape) (grey)
6 - (RID) Strongarm (second version) (dark blue)
7 - (RID) Octopunch (grey)
8 - (RID) Autobot Drift (second version) (red)
9 - (RID) Thunderhoof (second version) (dark blue)
10 - (G1) Perceptor (red)
11 - (G1) Optimus Prime (second version) (grey)
12 - (RID) Windblade (red)

----- Wave 6 (random order)
1 - (RID) Bumblebee (second version) (yellow)
2 - (RID-2001) Sky-Byte (dark blue)
3 - (G1) Acid Storm (not the Starscream moulds) (green)
4 - (BM) Cheetor (yellow)
5 - (RID) Minimus Ambus (green)
6 - (G1) Blurr (dark blue)
7 - (RID) Nightstrike (dark blue)
8 - (RID) Optimus Prime (third version) (dark blue)
9 - (G1) Unicron (yellow)
10 - (G1) Grimlock (yellow)
11 - (RID) Crazybolt (green)
12 - (G1) Barrage (green)

9th October 2015, 01:32 PM
Thanks for that Griffin! Worked a treat! :D

I had grabbed one randomly a week ago and been shocked to find a G1 character inside (even if they do call him 'Twinferno') But the quality seems that crappy I didn't want to end up with any non-G1 figures. I took a chance last night and ended up with Filch. That's when I posted.

Thanks to you I now have Wreck Gar, Wheeljack, Repugnus & Shockwave :D

19th June 2016, 02:02 PM
(moved these posts here as the question for help identifying the contents pops up occasionally)