View Full Version : Toy Review - JP LG-59 Blitzwing & Bigfight

7th January 2018, 09:20 PM
(Please post comments, photos or even a fully comprehensive review - these are just some brief details to start you off)

Blitzwing with Bigfight
Series - Legends (Japan)
Sub-line -
Size/class - "Voyager" with Titanmaster vehicle
New/remould/redeco - Minor redeco of Hasbro Blitzwing and Shuffler's vehicle
Wave - n/a
Released here - Not here (out in Japan JAN 27th)
Approximate Retail Price - About 5500yen
Approximate Size - about 20cm
Allegiance - Decepticons
Alt-mode - Fighter Jet/Tank (Blitzwing), tank/elephant (Bigfight)
Main Features/Gimmicks - Headmaster, triplechanger.
Main Colours - purple/beige (Blitzwing), black/grey (Bigfight)
Main Accessories - Sword, gun, head, Bigfight.