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Jetfire in the sky
25th March 2021, 05:00 PM
I have no personal connection to this site whatsoever.

I ordered a quite hard to find item from them in February as a guest, I fat fingered my usual email address so I never received any notifications of the transaction or postage. Although it is an Australian site they seem to be a global brand and I think my item ended up coming from the UK. Anyway, once I messaged them with my concern that I had not received the item or any notifications and gave them all my other postage details, they replied within 48 hours and that's when I learnt I had put in the wrong email address, funnily enough the item arrived the following day. They provided all tracking in the follow up email despite my error.
I'm not a fan of pre-orders so I will never recommend anyone to do that, but from this experience, if they have it in stock no matter where it is "warehoused" the service is great and the postage time/price seems reasonable. Prices and variety of products seem good too.