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8th March 2009, 12:48 PM
Disney Label: Mickey Mouse Transformer Review:

Of all the crossovers to happen, this one was unexpected. Sure we had Star Wars Crossovers with some success and Marvel Crossovers with perhaps less success in convincing a lot of us as viable figures in the Transformers line. Disney Label Transformers gives us Mickey Mouse in the guise of Optimus Prime and challenges our collection consciousness.





The robot mode resembles a combination of Mickey Mouse and Optimus Prime. The shape of the sculpt is of Mickey Mouse but the detail and features are definitely of Optimus Prime. From the trademark forehead crest, the windshield chest to the colours. On the other hand, the big ears and proportions are of Mickey Mouse. One major surprise of note is the size of this figure. It is halfway between the size of a basic/scout and a deluxe. As tall as an Animated Activator (as shown below) but it's stout nature makes it as dense as a deluxe.


The first thing you notice about the figure after getting it out of its beautifully, no twist-ties, straps or tape packaging, is the premium-like metal finish of the paint on the red and silver portions of the figure. It has a beautiful matte shine and definitely luxurious in feel. The sculpt is well proportioned for Mickey Mouse and the detailing harken to Mickey Mouse cosplaying Optimus Prime. The paint apps are mostly uniform with the exception of the forehead crest silver, black nose, chest windshield, the yellow on the waist, silver circles on the tip of the feet and of course the crossover insignia. Superb application in general with just a few flaws in the paint-apps if you really look for it.

As a robot figure, unfortunately, it is pretty static. The arms swing forward and back on one articulation point on the shoulder and swing outwards on a very limited angle that is pushed by a little spring stub from the torso. The legs are completely static, with the only articulation point on the waist area that is only there to accommodate for the conversion and not at all for posing as both legs moves together simultaneously. So this is strictly a display piece, although a very pretty one to look at. The clear blue plastic used for the eyes, the movable visor and a small Mickey Mouse sitting atop the head makes for a striking display piece. The back isn't too pretty with the trailer kibble hanging behind the figure quite noticeably. It can pass as a cape but it would have been nice if it folded up behind him. You can fold it towards his sides to hide it but a side view will show a giant box. Cringe-worthy crossover and kibble aside this is a very pretty figure all up.


Conversion is pretty simple but quite elegant and fun, perhaps a bit too shellformer for some. The small Mickey Figure on the head is on a spring powered flip gimmick that makes the tiny Mickey appear on the top of the head during a particular phase int he conversion. Linked below is a few key conversion processes:

- Step 1 (http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk269/StompBrother/Transformers/MickeyPrime-conversion3.jpg)
- Step 2 (http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk269/StompBrother/Transformers/MickeyPrime-conversion2.jpg)
- Step 3 (http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk269/StompBrother/Transformers/MickeyPrime-conversion1.jpg)






The alt mode is a severely cute and "super-deformed" version of Optimus Prime's truck mode with the trailer. All the details are present in a very cute cartoon proportion. With large smokestacks, the same paint detailing on the trailer and a fairly detailed truck cab right down to the roof light and horns, door handles, gas canisters and even rear view mirrors, all painted. Clear windshields show a small Mickey driving the cab. This mickey also disappears/appears via a conversion triggered gimmick. You can also open the doors at the back of the trailer, but this is moreso for the conversion. All six wheels are present with only the front and very back wheels able to spin while the middle one is static and is part of the mold. A very impressive and irresistibly cute alt mode that I personally absolutely go into fits of joy whenever I see it. A few comparison shots with Classics Voyager Prime:




The only flaws perhaps are the visible hinges for the trailer doors, the hinges that connects the cab and trailer on the roof and the visible arms. Otherwise this tiny little petit Prime Truck is adorable.


Overall, as a Mickey Mouse figure, this honours the source well. As an Optimus Prime figure, it honours the source well too. As a crossover, well this is for each individual to decide. If you think it is blasphemy to merge two iconic characters together for a figure, then nothing will change your mind. As a transformer this figure is worth it for the sheer quality of it alone. As a toy for playing, this is where it is let down. The gimmicks are specific to conversion and this is strictly a display figure. Either way this is a very surprising figure in both concept and execution that should really please those with an open approach to their collection.

8th March 2009, 02:18 PM
Wow it actually looks like a very neat transformer. Too bad disney are absolutely evil. I wish we could have those kind of paint finishes on our regular tfs.

8th March 2009, 06:42 PM
Looks great. I want one.

Is the conversion similar to Animated Wreckgar?

8th March 2009, 11:44 PM
Quite similar, but I find Wreck-Gar a lot more of a shellformer than Mickey.

I should also add that the head is static and doesn't move at all.

9th March 2009, 08:43 AM
It's a fantastic looking figure, the metallic paint looks great, much better than the greyscale version that was also released.

But once I found out how small it was for the prices that were being asked for him, I just couldn't reason enough to buy him.

9th March 2009, 06:59 PM
Another great review Stompster! ;) and again, nice shots! :)

9th March 2009, 10:48 PM
Nice photos but the price has me seriously rethinking it not to mention that its out of stock at RK. :(

9th March 2009, 10:54 PM
I too would have had second thoughts if I knew it was tiny. From the promo pictures I thought it would be voyager size and could justify the high price tag. So, big surprise when I finally got it.

Still though. What choice do you have if it's a figure highly unlikely to come out outside of Japan.

Tetsuwan Convoy
10th March 2009, 11:38 AM
I too would have had second thoughts if I knew it was tiny. From the promo pictures I thought it would be voyager size and could justify the high price tag. So, big surprise when I finally got it.

Still though. What choice do you have if it's a figure highly unlikely to come out outside of Japan.
I was suprised by the sixe too. But I must say I like it. Makes a nice change from the other TFS I get most of the time

Nice photos but the price has me seriously rethinking it not to mention that its out of stock at RK. :(
seems to be out of stock at a number of places. I wonder if it was a relly limietd run? Perhaps all the Disney Stores in Japan have nabbed most ofthem?