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8th April 2009, 11:20 PM
Did anyone else not think that this comic book was awesomesauce?

Some brief thoughts (*SPOILERS!*):

+ Great to see Su back at the artistic helm.

+ The story is relatively self-contained. It seems that you could read it on its own without ever having read AHM or other series. I think the story provides enough exposition for it to be enjoyed as a stand alone story (i.e.: you know that the Autobots are in dire straits and deprived of morale - how or why doesn't effect the story).

+ I loved the way that Jazz is portrayed. He's like the Autobot equivalent of Captain America but with the humility of a warrior monk (like Yoda :)). His use of tactics in out-maneouvring the Predacons was well played.

+ Jazz kicks BUTT! Some of the best fight choreography I've seen in a TF comic since Geoff Senior.

+ The Predacons were also very cool - and set up in a nice way. I like how they build up this fearsome reputation, making them bad-bottoms long before the fight begins by the virtue that Jazz and Tracks are the sole survivors from two squads of Autobot warriors. There may have been even more squads, but there were no survivors. I also like how Razorclaw is portrayed with a warrior's code of honour -- similar to that held by other Decepticons like Carnivac and Bludgeon, and of course, the Predacon-cum-Maximal Dinobot!

Good read. :)

8th April 2009, 11:25 PM
Yes both Gene-chan and I really enjoyed reading this.
The action scenes were well done ^^

9th April 2009, 10:08 AM
It was okay, and a good first outing by the Mosaic team, penning something a little longer than they are used to. A bit sad that the best action in the AHM based comics comes from a standalone comic, rather than the main series.

I read Jazz the same afternoon as AHM#9, so it might be that the awfulness of the story and art of that made Jazz seem all the better in comparison, but Su is a comic artist revelation, his art this issue was fantastic, and the colourist (can't remember who) did a good job of getting the darker palette, and colouring the battle worn landscape.

The choice of Tracks was fantastic, a very middle ground bot who contrasted with Jazz perfectly.

If the Predacons were Megatron's elite team, then how the hell did the Decepticons survive for so long? I know that it is all Razorclaws fault for letting his honour come in before the long range kill, and that he had Jazz bested, but the rest of his team were very stupid for running into obvious traps, and falling for otherwise simple tactics.

For a one off stand alone comic it was good, but the past two Spotlights have been a massive step down from previous issues like Kup, Prime and Wheelie. The book reads like the story's setting within the comic: a simple distraction from the bigger picture.

9th April 2009, 06:34 PM
I thought this was a classic in every way. Although the story does not take any twists and turns, a good plot and nice artwork shows you don't need anything "fancy" to win the audience over.

9th April 2009, 08:16 PM
I loved this Spotlight >3 It was awesome, awesome story, awesome artwork...enough said.

Jazz is just awesome 8)

10th April 2009, 10:25 AM
I havent read any of the new Spotlights, waaaaaah! I keep forgetting to pick one up (if there is any) at Phantomezone Parra when I stroll to Parra for a little R & R. :(:(:(