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27th September 2009, 11:23 AM
No I'm not Splitting any Figures or Comics up at this Stage, Sold as is.

Ultimate Spider-Man
( Every Comic To Date in Paper Back 7 Comics Per Book Issues )
Mint Condition, Read Once. Fairly Heavy Unfortunately so Local Pickup Would be preferred, Other wise Postage can be Arranged, I'm guessing it might be $30-$40 though as its about 5 Kg for all of them.

( They Usually go for $20-$25 Each Depending on the Issue, All up there is currently 21 Issues and 140+ Comics, It goes from the Start of Peter Parker being bitten by the radioactive Spider throughout the whole story, features every Villian, Even has Deadpool Cameos as certain bits. Great Artwork and stories, Probably the Best Spidey Series if not one of the best comics ever written ever. )

Looking for $300 + Postage.




Star Trek Next Generation -

Every Dvd, Every Season.

Seasons 2 onwards are Sealed, Opened Season 1 to check it out, While I like it I haven't time to watch it.

Paid around $300 for them in May when they were on Special, You can buy em all together on ebay for about $296.

I'm Looking for $240 + Postage, Probably $20 postage maybe more depending on weight.

Marvel Legends Spiderman -

24 Figures, Mint Condition, All from a Smoke/Pet free Home.

Each Figure Retailed for about $15-$25 Depending on where you found them, These are NOT the toys you find in BigW, Kmart ect, not the cheap plastic ones, these are actual Marvel Legend Moulds, Hard to find in Australia.

When I was at the Parramatta Toyfair the Spiderman on his own was $45, Rhino was $80.

While I dont agree with those prices sometimes they are ridiculous for certain ones, I was lucky when I purchased them all, Paid about $350 + $100 shipping from the USA.

Looking for $200 + Shipping



Transformers Universe Collection -

My Collection of Transformers Figures, I have 2 Extra also not shown in this photo, Galvatron and Silverbolt.

All the Figures are in Beautiful Condition and Currently in their vehicle Mode. Ready to be shipped.

I spent close to $700 collecting all of these, some of them I was lucky and got for $20, Other larger ones were close to $70 or $80.

Includes a G1 Soundwave, Very Rare.

I want them to go to a good home. Does Not Include Optimus but I can find one for you, Optimus was a birthday gift.

Looking for $450 - $500, Price Negotiable. Free Postage if over $500


Marvel Zombies Comics -

* Marvel Zombies 1 ( 1 - 5 )
* Marvel Zombies Prequel ( 1 - 5 ) + Fantastic 4 Zombie Story Arc
* Marvel Zombies Evil Dead Cross Over

All in Great Condition,
Looking for $100 + Postage.


27th September 2009, 01:53 PM
I'll buy the ones i need off you and you can sell the rest? lmk.

Sky Shadow
27th September 2009, 01:58 PM
Hey Guys

Had a Great time in Canada unfortunately though got raped by the Canadian Health Care System.

While I was over there spent nearly $2000 on hospital visits to try fix my gallbladder, which has severely bankrupted me.

Things went well with the girl though, I'll explain in more detail later.

Hey Zaul - sorry to hear about your health problems, but glad to know you had an otherwise good trip. :)

27th September 2009, 02:53 PM
Glad to hear your back, and that things went well.

I look forward to hearing all about it soon.

(I'll hold the Twins for ya until you have the cash :))

27th September 2009, 10:09 PM
Sorry to hear about your ill health during your trip, Zaul. At least you were not completely without resources and able to have some medical attention to recover your health.

You have actually given me a bit of a wakeup call. I was being a bit arrogant and debating with myself that I didn't need health insurance and you kind of gave me a wake up call which allowed my common sense to triumph. I am going to buy some insurance next week.

27th September 2009, 10:17 PM
I've been hospitalised overseas twice (once in Japan, once in China); thank Primus for overseas health insurance!

28th September 2009, 04:32 PM
Nobody wants the figures? :X


I paid nearly double for that inc shipping from the USA.

28th September 2009, 05:50 PM
Nobody wants the figures? :X


I paid nearly double for that inc shipping from the USA.

You might get more nibbles on TFW, there seem to be a number of people after figures like that on there.

29th September 2009, 03:31 PM
What's TFW?

turtle boy
30th September 2009, 04:36 PM
I'd take Classics2 Ironhide and that blue guy staning with the Autobots. :)

1st October 2009, 09:49 AM
I'd take Classics2 Ironhide and that blue guy staning with the Autobots. :)

I think he is wanting to sell it as one lot.

Couple of ones I'd want as well...

turtle boy
1st October 2009, 05:58 PM
Eh, lame :(

9th October 2009, 10:31 AM
hey dude,
PM'd ya RE: spiderman figures lot.
get back to me when you can