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16th January 2010, 09:27 PM

Review 10-012c - Tankor
Series - TF2 Movie
Sub-line -
Size - Legends
New/remould/redeco - Redeco
Wave - 4
Released here - Sep 2009
Approximate Retail Price - $8
Approximate Size - 7cm
Allegiance - Decepticon
Alt-mode - Tank
Main Features/Gimmicks -
Main Colours - Light blue, grey.
Main Accessories - none
My Difficulty rating (out of 5) - 1.5 (very fiddley to convert)
Stability - A bit flimsy, but still stands well. The tank holds together well enough.
Poseability/articulation - Basic articulation at the shoulders and hips.
Playability - Tank mode is the more playable mode, but otherwise, a rather average figure to play with.
My Thoughts - Not only is a blue tank just odd, it isn't even the dark blue of the prototype on the card-back, which looked much nicer. Plus, it isn't a character in the movies, nor was the 'Brawl/Devastator' tank of the first movie reused in the second (like Bonecrusher and Blackout were). It is also one of the more difficult/fiddly Legends figures to convert.
My Overall Recommendation Rating (out of 10) - 2 (Probably the worst Movie Legends figure in both design and colour, and relevance)