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13th March 2010, 06:57 PM
As many of you know, the G1 Trailbreaker/Hoist mold suffers from a loose neck joint due to normal age and play wear. The reason for this is that the metal pin holding the whole back assembly spins within the softer plastic joint encasement causing wear which results in the loose joint.

In order to strengthen the joint, we must first repair the wear caused by the pin. This can be done by very lightly narrowing the hinge of the plastic joint that houses it.

This can be accomplished by narrowing the outer hinge joints which will be very good for display purposes. For a more permanent solution and one which would be more resistant to frequent play wear, I would also suggest narrowing the inner joint but this is a more advanced process.

DISCLAIMER: Although this procedure is relatively simple, there is a risk that you may damage your figure by accident or lack of skill. Proceed at your own risk.

Narrowing the outer joints: - The simpler solution

1 - Unclip the back roof/organge tow assembly from the back. This should be easy, just be careful.

2 - Remove the pin from the back assembly using a pair of pliers. Since the joint is already loose, the pin should come off rather easy. Simply grip on one of the exposed ends then twist and pull until it is removed.


3 - Using a thin pin or needle, coat some super glue along the inner wall of the left and right side of the outer hinge. Make sure it is only a tiny bit and allow it to dry.


4 - Replace and align the hinge, then insert the pin back - Be very careful this time as the pin will be a much tighter fit.

Done. The joint should be tighter now and able to keep the head in place. You may stop now if you are satisfied with the result, otherwise continue on.

Narrowing the inner joints: - The more advanced solution, necessary only for durability or if the first 4 steps were not enough.

5 - Once the pin has been taken out, remove the head and back hinge assembly as shown:


6 - Using a needle, coat the inner wall of the pin encasement on one side. Don't go too deep, one 1-2 mm in should be enough but make sure you coat a full circle. Allow the glue to dry.


7 - Once glue has dried, replace the assembly into the back of the body and align it with the outer hinges. Reinsert the pin through the other non 'coated' side. Be aware that the pin will now be a much tighter fit so be very careful - some persistence may be necessary depending on the amount of glue added.

After this the whole neck and back assembly should be a much more stiff and able to hold in place for both display and play.


15th March 2010, 08:22 AM
I'll have to do this with mine now, I think mine is held on with blue tack atm :o