View Full Version : I got GI Joes- who wants 'em?

27th October 2010, 09:33 AM
Hey there- new to the forum unsure if this is where to post but I got some joes and I want some too if anyone out there is listening!

got the cobra resolute 5 pack
snarler bike with beachead and rollbar
panther, mole pod, snake trax atv and rockslide atv

heaps of figures incl para viper, kamakura, nano viper, red fang ninja, cobra eel, gi joe pit commando, elite viper, crimson guard viper and more

looking for some 25th joes, the exclusives from the roc set and any new 2010 pursuit of cobra's at a cheaper price than I can get from buying straight from the states. Thanks for taking the time to look!



3rd November 2010, 08:28 PM
hey there, just an update.

SOLD- snarler bike, cobra resolute 5 pack

Still got heaps of figures and a few vehicles, all still in packs, including the ice dagger vehicle and tomahawk helicopter.

Still looking to trade if anyone's got any 25th joes, resolute or pursuit of cobra lines.

Plus does anyone know of any other gi joe collector forums based in Australia?