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Forum Registration

Registration to this forum is free, and aimed to cater to TRANSFORMERS FANS, TOY FANS in general, and people in an official role within the toy industry or brands. It is recommended that you RESIDE in the Australian-Asian region of the world OR used to live here. We also recommend members being at least 15 years old, as most of the members are adults. We try to keep this place PG, but be aware that there aren't many under-18s on here to interact with.

Since we have children and official people (like from Hasbro), browsing our site, this forum is actively monitored for offensive, spoiling behaviour, to hopefully make it more fun for everyone. Basically, if you play nicely and fairly, you shouldn't have any problems. If you wanting to interact here, please read the Userguide located here.

If you agree to, and fulfill the conditions in the Userguide, please tick the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below.

Please make sure you register with a valid email address, to make sure you receive the validation email (and so that the admin can contact you with any future important messages). You may also need to 'white-list' the otca.com.au domain name with your email-host, as some free-mail accounts can be rather aggressive at blocking new email addresses, thinking they are spam.

If you would like to cancel this registration, click here to return to the forums index

The owner of Ozformers Transformers Club of Australia (otca.com.au) reserves the right to remove, edit, use, move or close any thread/posting/content, or remove any member for any reason, but will be done with good cause.

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