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BruiseLee 13th January 2016 08:08 AM

Lego 1966 TV series Batcave!
Time to start saving some serious bat-cash in between dancing the Batusi in joy!


Sharky 13th January 2016 09:14 AM

I saw this, this morning and thought how awesome would that be... between this and the ghostbusters firehouse lego will send me broke

UltraMarginal 13th January 2016 10:58 AM

That is pretty freakin Awesome!

Golden Phoenix 13th January 2016 12:17 PM

Holy bricks that looks awesome

Omega Metro 13th January 2016 01:13 PM

$400! Nope.

The_Black_Sheep 13th January 2016 07:08 PM

But I only want the Batmobile... Lol!

& it looks like we'll be getting a 60's Mr Freeze as a store exclusive

Trent 13th January 2016 08:28 PM

I lol'd at the pure awesome :D

Mr_K 14th January 2016 08:08 AM

Looks awesome!!

But still can't justify that price...

i_amtrunks 14th January 2016 08:42 AM

Good, a big expensive set that holds little to no interest to me. The minifigures and vehicles look great but the size and design of the bat cave and climbable wall to the manor are awful.

Even if it was sold for the US$ price here I would give it a skip. Not $400 worth in this set at all.

BigTransformerTrev 14th January 2016 09:10 AM

Very cool!

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