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TheDirtyDigger 4th September 2008 06:55 AM


Originally Posted by STL (Post 43870)
But that's not really a hard thing to do now, is it? :p

Usually yes. Jealousy along with other inherent human weaknesses like shame and guilt I've all but eradicated from my psyche.

Just seeing Fungal get those beautiful big Space Police and Mtron sets and one of my grails in Deep Freeze Defender is enough to stir up that unfamiliar feeling though.


liegeprime 4th September 2008 07:39 AM

Thanks for the pics Stompy. Im sure to get this set, now that I see the sharks are indeed Great Whites! Niiiiice.

MV75 4th September 2008 07:51 AM

Haha, it's not sharks that can bite you in half, it's now sharks that can just swallow you whole. :D Why do they need guns again? :D

piratescratch 4th September 2008 02:58 PM

Aye the new shark molds are brilliant.


Just finished building my 8633: Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue. Fantastic set, really pleased with it, not going to bother with a picture seeing as Stompy has already posted one. Now I just need to pick up 8635: Mission 6: Mobile Command Center which is the only other Agents set I want. I'm really looking forward to what other new Agents sets Lego decide to bring out if they do.

Fungal Infection 4th September 2008 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by liegeprime (Post 43863)
Are the sharks bigger than the usual lego sharks? Im thinking of getting the agents sets as well. Fungal I told you which Kmart has it in my PM although itll be very far from you I suppose, just leave your car in nearest train stn from you and go by train, Kmart in that area is near train station. Kmart is at the back of Westpoint which is next to the train station itself. about 10-15 minutes walk thru Westpoint.

Thanks Leige, but low and behold, Agents appeared at my local K-mart today (had a look during lunchbreak). Kinda pricey I thought so I'm gonna wait for a sale. Still looking for Mars Mission though. And DD, wait till you see my classic space lego purchases next week....... ;)

MV75 4th September 2008 09:03 PM

Heh, that's the funniest thing today. A shark eating shark, and they still need to put guns on it. :D

Quick, put an oxygen tank in its mouth and have a minifig with a spear gun pointed at it.

STL 4th September 2008 11:02 PM

Those are some great pics. Can't wait to pic up Agents stuff.

Golden Phoenix 4th September 2008 11:47 PM


Originally Posted by piratescratch (Post 44021)
Aye the new shark molds are brilliant.


OOO. Shark on Shark action, just how I like it. :D:D
I didn't realise how big they were. I knew they were bigger but not that big. Now I can see why the price is so high

Kyle 6th September 2008 06:41 PM

Man... the new Mars Mission sets and Agents are indeed very tempting... :(

Stompy 7th September 2008 03:28 AM

Got bored. Decided to take pics of my Mars Mission sets. Only missing the Alien Mothership, the Rocket Base and a couple of the impulse size sets. Not too interested in the Alien Mothership especially since it doesn't have a proper human vehicle included. Waiting for the Rocket Base to drop in price in some of the overstocked stores.

Human Cast (whom I believe are evil as they are harvesting the Martians):

Martian Defense Army:

Human Vehicles:
Note the Hypersonic Aircraft (Top Middle) is large with a wingspan of 50cm. So these are BIG sets.

Human Vehicles Split-up:

Martians Vehicles - Stealth Mode:

Martians Vehicles - Attack Mode:

Humans Evil Experiments to Power their vehicles:
Yep, the humans are invading Mars to gather power crystals that these martians possess. This is the engine room of set 7645.

My favorite Mars Mission set - 7699 Armored Mobile Drilling Unit:
Houses an aircraft that houses a small bike-like vehicle. At 40cmx20cm, this sucker is big.

7649 Ultra Drill Walker:
Main unit turns into a heavy duty laser drilling unit. Cockpit detaches as a carrier craft (note boxes on roof) which houses a small transport craft inside.

7644 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft:
This thing is BIG. The two cockpits up front detaches, one forming as a light scout craft, the other a heavily armed attack craft. Main unit turns into a tower which swivels down from the back and houses a small drill tank. There is a small alien extraction lab in the center with a nicely detailed engine core.

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