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Lint 22nd October 2017 12:58 PM

Europa 2017 - Teaser Game

The race that stops the board is back in 2017 and here is this year's teaser game for everyone to play before race day. This stained glass image above is of the 7 racers that will be competing this year. Members will be allowed one crack at identifying all 7 racers per calendar day and 50 credits will be awarded to the first person to correctly identify a particular racer. The minimum requirements for identifying a racer is a combination of the toyline they belong to (e.g Power Core Combiners) and the name of the racer (e.g Double Clutch). Entries must also be in the format below:


From left to right:
1. PCC Double Clutch
2. Cybertron Kup
3. etc
4. etc
5. etc
6. etc
7. etc
Where there are both Hasbro/Takara versions of a racer either version is acceptable as a correct guess even if they are technically in different toylines and characters may have different names. The exception to this is if the character/colouration/deco of the toy is drastically different between the two versions (e.g United EX Racemaster vs PCC Double Clutch)

Needless to say, neither PCC Double Clutch, United EX Racemaster nor Cybertron Kup are competing this year either. Have fun! :D

1. Unite Warriors Wildrider by CHILENO20
2. Turbomaster Hurricane by CHILENO20
3. Robots in Disguise Blurr by CHILENO20
4. Galaxy Force Nitro Convoy by GoldenPhoenix
5. Robots in Disguise Thermidor by Deonasis
7. Robots in Disguise Fracture by STL

Golden Phoenix 22nd October 2017 02:48 PM

Oh man I love this game

My guesses:

1. Combiner Wars Offroad
2. Animated Jazz
3. Prime Blurr
4. Cybertron Overrive
5. Movie Drift
6. Prime Bumblebee
7. Prime Fracture

Lint 22nd October 2017 03:10 PM


Originally Posted by Golden Phoenix (Post 575243)
4. Cybertron Overrive

Bit of a typo there but I'll take it. You win 50 credits!

STL 22nd October 2017 03:44 PM

Love this game annually!

1 Classics Fracture
2 CW Wheeljack
3 Classics Blurr
5 Classics Mirage
6 Classics Sunstreaker
7 RiD Fracture

CHILENO20 22nd October 2017 05:25 PM

Hmmm, I'll bite :D

1. CW Wildrider
2. TR Getaway
3. RID Blurr
4. Galaxy Force Nitro Convoy by GoldenPhoenix
5. RID Steeljaw
6. RID Bumblebee
7. RID racture

Lint 22nd October 2017 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by STL (Post 575246)

7 RiD Fracture

50 credits for you!


Originally Posted by CHILENO20 (Post 575254)

1. CW Wildrider
3. RID Blurr

100 credits! STL beat you to Fracture

Keep it up punters, they're falling like dominoes!!!

Deonasis 22nd October 2017 10:21 PM

2. UW Groove
5. RID Warrior Thermidor
6. UW Sunstrrwker

STL 23rd October 2017 07:58 AM

2 BEast Hunters Wheeljack
5 RiD Strongarm
6 TR Bumblebee

Lint 23rd October 2017 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by Deonasis (Post 575283)
5. RID Warrior Thermidor

Well done you win 50 creds!


Originally Posted by STL (Post 575300)
2 BEast Hunters Wheeljack
5 RiD Strongarm
6 TR Bumblebee

Try again tomorrow.

CHILENO20 23rd October 2017 12:24 PM

100 creds! :D

Now lets see for the others:

2. G1 Turbomaster Hurricane
6. RiD One Step Bumblebee

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