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kurdt_the_goat 23rd August 2008 10:30 PM

Yamato & Bandai Macross Toys
Hey guys

While i was in Japan recently i caught a glimpse of Macross toys for the first time. They were set up in a nice diorama - I was really impressed, but upon seeing the size of most of the boxes (and the cost!), I realised it'd have to wait until my next trip before i could get one.

As you might have guessed, i know VERY little about Macross - haven't seen any of the tv shows or movies, and have only just started looking around for the same toys i saw on display. I'm wondering if any of you collect the toys by Yamato &/or Bandai, and if so, could you offer any recommendations (models/sizes/company etc) or just your experience (QC issues?) with them? Are there newer models still coming out by either company?

I think one Macross toy (as a start, at least!) will make a nice addition to my collection, but i want to make an informed decision - so any discussion is appreciated!

MV75 23rd August 2008 11:24 PM

Well both Soundwarp and I have this one:


(Not with the armor kit though, just the first picture). Fully transformable and plenty of diecast. I got mine for a song a few years ago, ($50) totally worth it. I think they are in some insane price range now.

But I think you should really look at the new (old) bandai 25th releases. The basic toy, (vf-1s) is G1 jetfire. :) And is also the original veritech fighter.


I want three of those four. The only downside is cost :eek:

kurdt_the_goat 23rd August 2008 11:55 PM

What's the reason behind your preference for those Bandai reissues? I guess I had assumed the more recent Yamato's would have better engineering & detailing etc... is this not the case?

Tober 24th August 2008 02:19 AM

I would recommend checking out the new 1/60 Vs 2 Valkyries from Yamato - a serious contender for this year's much glorified "Toy of the Year" title. It's essentially a scaled down and refined version of their 1/48 Valkyrie - which stands about the same heigh as MP-1 Optimus Prime and makes for a good MP Jetfire (imho) and was a previous "Toy of the Year" winner for Yamato.

The Yamato Valks are very complex at times tho, namely the SV-51 (Macross Zero) and YF-21 (Macross Plus) and are also very expensive at about $200.

You could try watching:

Macross Zero (OVA)
Macross: Do You Remember Love (Movie)
Macross Plus (OVA or Movie)
Macross: Frontier (Series - currently ongoing)

if you can - that way you will get a different feel for the different Valks. There is also the origional Super Dimentional Fortress: Macross series as well which was used as the first part of the Robotech trilogy. Macross 7 can be kinda 'challenging' and Macross II is considered 'alternative universe' as it was not created by Shioji Kawamori, who was responsible for the other series.

Bandai are currently making 1/60 and 1/100 toys for the Frontier series. They are also re-releasing the origional 1/55 series which MV75 linked to.

Be aware that there are 2 versions of Yamato's 1/60 VF-1 line tho. The one MV-75 showed is the first generation from around 2000 - it has more diecast but requires parts detachment to get it to transform, the proportions arn't as accurate as the new new version either. Alot of Macross fans will be clearing out their older generation 1/60 and updating them - just something to be aware of if you see them on eBay etc.

The only Yamato Valks to avoid are the Macross Zero VF-0A and VF-0S. Both initial releases suffered from a serious problem in the sholder/arm area where a bad plastic was used that disintergrated over time. The revised edition of the VF-0S hs been fixed but the VF-0A needs to have replacement parts ordered separately. Which is a great shame as they are amongst my favourite designs.

Soundwarp 24th August 2008 07:14 AM

I am a fan and like MV75 said i have one. I would have hundreds if it wasn't for my TF want lists!!!!

MV75 24th August 2008 12:10 PM


Originally Posted by kurdt_the_goat (Post 41359)
What's the reason behind your preference for those Bandai reissues? I guess I had assumed the more recent Yamato's would have better engineering & detailing etc... is this not the case?

Because they are the original (and imo the best design), of the veritech fighter. :)

Plus as I mentioned too, they are also the toy that hasbro used for g1 jetfire.

Plus their playability is awesome. Quick transformation and articulation that was miles ahead of its time.

Sure I still love my yamato, the quality and the accessories such as the missle pods are freaking great, but yea, the one I have requires some dismantling with the transformation and is more of a display piece.

As for the shows, I recommend getting this:


It has the original saga, southern cross and the invid invasion.

It should contain the episodes listed here:


The seasons line up with the series I mentioned above, (1,2,3).

Or as Tober mentioned, if you can find it; Macross: Do You Remember Love (Movie). This is basically a movie version of the original Zentradi/sdf-1 series in the box set I linked.

kurdt_the_goat 24th August 2008 02:05 PM

Thanks for the info guys! I think those DVD's will have to wait over other toy purchases, tho i'll see if i can't find them through other means!

Tober, regarding the VF-0 design, i'm quite fond of it as well - Is this the one with the fixed shoulder you were referring to?

You mentioned the height of 1/48, how tall/long are the 1/60 VF-1 in battroid/fighter mode?

Noone has really suggested a YF-19, any reason for that?

With the upcoming Bandai ones - how long has it been since Bandai made Valkyries? They certainly look good in the prototype pics - have any comparisons been made quality wise between Yamato & the new Bandai's (will prolly have to wait till they come out!)?

Fungal Infection 24th August 2008 02:11 PM

I'd back everything Tober has mentioned. In terms of scale, the 1/60 line would be your best best if you intend to get a few valks as Yamato makes everything now in 1/60 scale. I have every VF-1 series in the 1/60 scale from Yamato but since I saw Tober's VF-1 1/60 V2 at the last meet, I'm selling up my 1/60 Yamatos to upgrade to the new series. The 1/48 are very nice but they are out of scale with every other valkyrie Yamato has made not to mention they cost an arm and a leg so unless you have very deep pockets, I'd stick to the new 1/60 series. I have a soft spot for the Bandai 1/55 "chunky monkeys" as well as in terms of durability they will outlast anything Yamato has made. Not very accurate in terms of sculpt, but if you like to play with your toys often, a better bet than the Yamatos. The Yamatos are more collectable display pieces with the occasional play use than actual fully fledged toys.

kurdt_the_goat 24th August 2008 02:15 PM

By the way, feel free to populate this thread with awesome photos of your toys :)

Fungal Infection 24th August 2008 02:38 PM

Ask and you will receive:






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