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griffin 7th March 2018 08:49 PM

Toy Review - POTP DLX Moonracer
(Please post comments, photos or even a fully comprehensive review - these are just some brief details to start you off)

Series - Generations
Sub-line - Power of the Primes
Size/class - Deluxe
New/remould/redeco - new
Wave - 2
Released here - not yet (Asia & America FEB 2017)
Approximate Retail Price - AU$25-35 (US$17)
Approximate Size - 14cm
Allegiance - Autobot
Alt-mode - Cybertron Car
Main Features/Gimmicks - Combiner limb
Main Colours - Aqua, white
Main Accessories - gun, combiner fist


Jellico 15th May 2018 10:45 AM

I have to say that I like her.

Yeah she has a backpack from Hell. Yeah she turns into a generic sci-fi something. But gee she has personality.

Like all the lithe little fembots she is very expressive when posing. Even just mashing her onto the shelf she fell into that cute anime girl leaning foward pose. You can really make her into that bubbly girl she is supposed to be.

Car mode is at once solid and disappointing. Surely they could have made it more than a log on wheels? But like I said solid. Same as a limb. No flopping around there. My daughter had Moonracer scooting across the tiles in no time. She is just fun to play with.

So yeah. Moonracer has some glaring flaws but in hand she is fun. And what more can you ask from a toy.

snaketales 15th May 2018 12:59 PM

I prefer to keep her bonnet folded down behind her legs, like a skirt, rather than adding to the backpack mass.
But yes, she is a fun toy

Jellico 15th May 2018 03:24 PM

Trenchcoat not a skirt 😉

All those hyper serious box pics don't do her justice. She responds well to fun poses. I can't wait to make her irritate the other girls.

M-bot 18th May 2018 03:16 PM

Not a great toy in and of itself, a few flaws (that have been pointed out by others), but I like the colours very much, so she will look great on display, and thumbs up for another fembot.

BigTransformerTrev 7th July 2018 03:50 PM

I think she has perhaps the most feminine face Iíve seen on an official figure. Considering she is sorta green and there is a Star Trek crossover comic in the works, I wonder if Kirk will put the moves on her :p

I like to Transform her half way to make her do Professor X impressions :D

Overall I quite like this toy, I find it fun and intuitive :)

reillyd 9th July 2018 07:32 PM

The 'pregnancy belly' gimmick looks just as bad as it sounds. Moonracer just 'gave birth' to Megatronus and creeped out my whole family

shockNwave 31st January 2019 02:35 PM

She's got a color scheme that would make a 1950's housewife proud and a vehicle mode like a log but as expected the fembots deliver when the robot mode is done well. Makes up for the flaws.

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