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drifand 18th June 2017 11:26 AM

12a - Pricing items on Sale Posts
All regular Saleyard sales need to have a Price noted for each item (or Lot/group of items).
If you aren't sure of an item's value and don't want to feel cheated later, do some research on ebay first or ask in the Price-Check topic. It can be better to list at a high-end price and then discount it, or publicly mention that you will accept 'near-enough' offers (which the BUYER needs to publicly post).
Just be aware that unless you are just wanting to get rid of your toys in a hurry for cheap, selling as a Group Lot or Set might seem easier for you, but are less likely to sell, or even at a respectable price.
If you prefer an Auction format, you can do that here as well (see the recommended format below), but it is best to use a dedicated site like Ebay, and then just promote it in the ebay/dealer section.
Vague things like EOIs (expressions of interest) are not permitted in the Saleyard for single items - EOIs are only permitted in the Group Orders section to gauge the interest in a bulk order, and should only be done by someone prepared to go through with it.

If in doubt ask griffin what you can or can't do.

langzixinxin 18th June 2017 11:48 AM

5 x Toyworld TW-M05 not JAZZ




TW not JAZZ in shipping, will arrive in Melbourne in 15 days, 99 AUD + shipping, pay on receive is ok. (I can only give roughly estimate before shipping, the exact amount refers to auspost's tag, I did find two different post offices gave me different quote on same item same packaging). :)

langzixinxin 18th June 2017 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by WeallscreamforStarscream (Post 564784)
besides putting up prices, will you match prices in the market at the time of invoice/ delivery?

Omega Supreme has come down in price dramatically recently and what if comes down again?

Also thanks for the fantastic service with sending out not Jetfire. Great communication and prompt service.

FT and DX9 is definitely on rival for not Omega Supreme now, which is good for us.

Technically I will only know the wholesale price I receive when the toy is released. My upfront cost is only the preorder fees. I simply pass your preorder fees to my supplier on the trust that my supplier will give me a fare final price. If FT and DX9 decided to fight price war further, my price will be adjusted on that.

DarkHyren 18th June 2017 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by langzixinxin (Post 564828)
I guess maybe I need to work out an estimate formula to at least put an indicated price?


Estimate would be better then no price yes, just so long as you can figure out a formula where your estimate ends up within no more then say $10-20 of the final price I think most would be happy enough with that.

Either that or you just set a price and if the item is cheaper good for eveyone but if it's more you would probably in fairness end up paying the difference out of pocket, which is unfortunately the price one has to pay if they are selling an item that doesnt have a final price (and why this type of business can be tricky to balance).


Originally Posted by langzixinxin (Post 564831)
I can only give roughly estimate before shipping, the exact amount refers to auspost's tag, I did find two different post offices gave me different quote on same item same packaging

Remember to shop around with post carriers as you have more options then AusPost too.
Also if you use http://www.transdirect.com.au/ you can get quotes forr multiple couriers at once.
And lastly for parcel dimensions when in doubt look at the dimensions of similar sized items, if you compile a list of approximate sizes and weights you should be able to also figure out a postage price list to add to your first post so that people have a rough idea what each thing will cost to send

WeallscreamforStarscream 18th June 2017 07:43 PM

Thanks for answering my question.

put me down for not Jazz and FT-not Omega.

I'll shoot you an email shortly and deposit.


langzixinxin 19th June 2017 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by WeallscreamforStarscream (Post 564861)
Thanks for answering my question.

put me down for not Jazz and FT-not Omega.

I'll shoot you an email shortly and deposit.


Please check your email. thx

langzixinxin 19th June 2017 11:02 PM

KFC Kingorilla not Apeface preorder is over.

I will have 4xitems coming soon. Will update the arrival date and price later.





langzixinxin 27th June 2017 03:07 PM

TFC part
Hi DarkHyren

Your part arrived today. I have sent you an email.


langzixinxin 27th June 2017 03:32 PM

TW not Jazz

TW (not) Jazz arrived.

$99 + shipping from Melbourne. One is already preordered, 4 items left.

If you are interested, please send me email transformers@diamondvalley.cn


langzixinxin 27th June 2017 03:46 PM

Weijiang trailer
Please delete this item if it is not allowed to sell.

Weijiang MPP10 trailer, the bigger one.

$70 + shipping from Melbourne, only 2 in stock this time.

Actual item photo:

Other photo from internet:

EDIT: sold out

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