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griffin 16th March 2017 08:48 PM

Transformers 5 - The Last Knight - release dates
Release dates for the cinema release of TF5 are now known for many countries, and these are the main ones.

AUSTRALIA - June 22nd 2017 (Thursday)
New Zealand - June 22nd

USA - June 23rd June 21st
UK - June 23rd June 22nd
Hong Kong - June 22nd
China - June 23rd
Japan - August 4th

Canada - June 23rd June 21st
Philippines - June 21st
Indonesia - June 21st
South Korea - June 21st
Bangladesh - June 21st
Singapore - June 22nd
Malaysia - June 22nd
Germany - June 22nd
Russia - June 22nd
Taiwan - June 23rd
France - June 21st June 28th
Argentina/Brazil/Chile/Mexico - July 20th

Running time - 2 hours 29 minutes
IMAX running time - 2 hours 32 minutes (to be confirmed)

griffin 6th May 2017 12:57 AM

According to a new facebook posting, a new American Movie poster has June 21st on it, so it looks like their release date has been brought forward by two days... which isn't the first time Paramount has done a late change to a Transformers movie.

Now it means that we don't get to see it before America, as our release date is still June 22nd.

griffin 3rd June 2017 09:24 AM

Now it looks like some IMAX theatres in America are having a 7pm session on June 20th (according to their website which is now selling tickets), the day before it officially opens in America.

djanscak 4th June 2017 11:35 AM

Grand Cinemas in WA has Gold Lounge preview screenings on the 20th:


griffin 4th June 2017 11:55 AM

Also at some Event Cinemas... and I was expecting some of the IMAX cinemas would as well, but nothing listed at this time.

griffin 11th June 2017 08:40 PM

More release dates have been added to the IMDB website, and a few date changes... and I've added or updated the more significant ones, and the countries in our region.

I've also added the current known running times of the regular and IMAX versions of the Movie, which are yet to be confirmed from an official source.

If these times end up being true, the regular cinema version will be 2 hours and 28 minutes, while the IMAX version will have an extra 4 minutes, at 2 hours and 32 minutes.

griffin 16th June 2017 08:12 AM

The British Board of Film Classifications has the regular version of the Movie clocking in at 2 hours, 28 minutes, and 53 seconds. It is also rated as having moderate action violence and moderate bad language, and lists all the naughty words used in this movie. (it could make for a fun "bingo" game, to see if you can find them all :p )

I've noted the running time in the first post, rounding to the nearest minute.

Still no official word on the IMAX length, but since the movie was filmed with IMAX cameras, there probably isn't any reason to have too much exclusive content, especially if it might impact on the cut (story) of the rest of the movie.

griffin 8th July 2017 09:53 PM

The movie has only been out for two weeks, and now that Spiderman is out, the sessions for TFs have been cut significantly in cinemas.

Interestingly, I've seen two TV commercials for it in the last two days after seeing none since the movie started, so Paramount must be desperately trying to get people to see it during the last weekend of the school holidays up here.

The commercials are noting the 3D version... did anyone here see it in 3D?
Was it worth it, and did you see the 2D version to see what the extra 4 minutes were?

And did anyone see it at any of the four IMAX cinemas in Australia (one in Sydney, two in Melbourne, one in Perth)?
If it was, I didn't expect that it would be off already, after just two weeks.
It ruins my run of seeing all of the Transformers movies on IMAX. :(

Megatran 8th July 2017 10:02 PM


Originally Posted by griffin (Post 567398)
The movie has only been out for two weeks, and now that Spiderman is out, the sessions for TFs have been cut significantly in cinemas.

On a side note, explains why the front of store display shelves at ToysRUs no longer stock Tranformers toys (or reduced shelf space) but now full of Spidey & friends.

griffin 8th July 2017 10:09 PM

Just saw another two TV commercials for TF5 since I posted above half an hour ago.
Four times in one night... that's more times than I saw in a single day leading up to the release of the movie.
They must really want people to see it instead of Spiderman.

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