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griffin 18th December 2012 12:51 AM

Amazon US items (available to us)
Since I check this site from time to time, I thought I should post up various interesting and/or cheap Transformers items that they can ship out of America. Details on how to use Amazon to find the eligible items can be found here.

Today I found the following items worth mentioning (under the search results of Transformers).

Jetwing Optimus - discounted to just US$61 (I think shipping is about $11-15... making this cheaper than the version released here)
Year of the Dragon Ultimate Optimus - discounted to US$68
Generations Ultimate Giftset (4-pack) - discounted to just US$26.40 (that's for two Deluxes and two Legions)
Kreo Devastator (not the TRU version) - discounted to US$70 (even if this did get released here, it is likely to be at least AU$100).
Kreo Optimus Vs Megatron - US$38
Kreo Stealth Bumblebee - US$24
Kreo Knockout Vs Wheeljack - US$24
FOC Gen2 Bruticus - discounted to US$48 (shipping was about $11 when I ordered one)
TF3 Leader Ironhide - US$40
FOC DLX Optimus - heavily discounted to US$7
TFPrime Weaponizer Bumblebee - heavily discounted to US$17.50
TFPrime Weaponizer Optimus - heavily discounted to US$17.50
TFPrime DLX Vehicon - US$14.40 (not many left if you want to army-build or can't find it here)
TFPrime DLX Rumble - US$13.50
TFPrime DLX Knockout - US$14.40
TFPrime Cmdr Skyquake - US$12 (might not be cheaper than here after shipping, but is a good option if it doesn't show up here)
TFPrime Battlesuit Bumblebee - discounted to US$22 (may not end up here)
Rescue Bots Fire Truck playset - heavily discounted to US$24.50 (if this does get released here, it is likely to be about AU$70-80)

Feel free to post up here any other new or discounted items as they appear.

(remember - it's best to just buy the items being sold/stocked by Amazon.com to be sure you get combined shipping, and reliability)

griffin 18th December 2012 01:02 AM

In the time it took me to finish up that post, Amazon appears to have sold the last of their FOC Gen2 Combaticons. It wasn't noted as being limited stock either like they do when items get to less than 20 in stock... so I'm guessing a scalper may have snapped them up at that ridiculously cheap price to easily resell at double that price (they go for about $80-100 on ebay at the moment).
I've left the link up in case they get some more in stock, or an order is cancelled.

The_Damned 18th December 2012 03:50 AM

thanks griffin i just ordered 4 vehicon cant seem to find them here and it only cost me $66 shipped for four.

1AZRAEL1 18th December 2012 04:57 AM

Damn i may have to order those kreon sets. Too bad the devastator set isn't the toys r us version. Gotta try track that one down.

griffin 18th December 2012 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by The_Damned (Post 332075)
thanks griffin i just ordered 4 vehicon cant seem to find them here and it only cost me $66 shipped for four.

Only five left in stock now... they certainly go fast.

griffin 18th December 2012 01:45 PM

Jetwing Optimus -now half price at US$52!!! I think shipping for mine was about US$11... if you don't have a Jetwing Optimus already, this is a great price and display piece.

Kazza 18th December 2012 09:30 PM

Ok this is lazy, but is anyone in victoria able to order one Amazon Jetwing Optimus Prime Exclusive for me and i just pay them in cold hard cash?

panterali 26th January 2013 11:09 AM


Year of Snake Omega Supreme for Preordering

griffin 27th January 2013 12:35 AM

TFPrime Voyager Thundertron for US$22 - that's cheaper than a Deluxe here.
TFPrime Voyager Starscream for US$20 - should be less than here after shipping, but get a few other items with it to save more on shipping.
(just wish they had all of last four Voyagers (Dreadwing, Magnus, Thundertron, Skyquake), which we didn't get here... and are hard to find online)

Also, the redeco convertible Rescue Bots are up for $15 each - Optimus, Bumblebee, Heatwave, Chase. (they look horrible with half translucent parts... like pre-production prototypes)

Looks like the next batch of Kreo (Beast Hunters) will be put up in the next couple weeks as well, as one is already listed with a release date of January 29th.

Just placed an order for the four Rescue Bots (about Voyager size in packaging), and 3 Thundertrons... shipping came to a total of $14! That's $2 per Voyager toy! (makes the Thundertrons cost $24 each - cheaper than a Deluxe toy here)
The key is to buy a few extra items if you only want one, so that shipping is cheaper (keep adjusting your cart to get the best rate, and sell off the extras at an Australian retail price, or less if it was something released here).

griffin 9th February 2013 02:06 PM

Picked up the box today from the post office... a huge box for $14 shipping from America, filled with seven voyager sized toys.
How can you beat that.... well, free shipping would be better, but we'd only get that if we were living in America (yes, they get cheap toys AND free shipping).

I just wish Amazon shipped all their Transformers toys overseas, not just the more random ones (or ones they probably aren't selling well in America).

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