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Default New series of Generations toys coming this year?

We currently have the Fall of Cybertron Generations toys in release, but they were only intended to be a short-live series to cash in on the game that came out middle of last year. As such, the later waves were being released 2-3 months earlier than originally slated, as interest in the game dies off quicker than it did for WFC.

The Generations label (without the sub-title of FOC) has already recently been used for the Ultimate Giftset (Optimus, Jazz, Motorbreath, Thundercracker in the new 2012 grid packaging style), and the Asian Gen1 homage set (with the old 2010, red packaging style)... so after the FOC toys are done, will Hasbro go back to doing more Gen1 homages?

Quite possibly.

As Austin Powers once said, "How'd I miss those baby"... the latest issue of Toy Hobby Retailer magazine has been looking at me for about a month (sitting on my desk next to the computer), and I only just noticed that on the cover "Hasbro montage" (promoting it's major brands in its 90th anniversary this year), there was something to do with Transformers buried in the middle.

Taking a closer look, I realised that I didn't recognise the toy artwork at all... but knew that it was Gen1 Optimus (it is definitely NOT TFPrime or Movie Optimus), with a gun that appears to have truck parts on it (blue cab with windshield and lights, three sets of "wheels" on the side).
So, could 2013 see a Generations line with a gimmick of convertible weapons like the Powercore Combiners or Arms Micron... with the weapons turning into drone vehicles instead of Minicons/Microns?

I guess we'll find out in about a month's time at the American Toyfair. But for now, enjoy this teaser...

And in case anyone is interested, Hasbro's anniversary logo...
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