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hYpNoS, this should help you and others navigating the dispute process. This is most applicable for credit/debit card transactions and is not relevant where you have used Zippay.

Firstly, answer two questions:
  • Has the manufacturer actually released the product?
  • Has it passed PC's original ETA for the product? (you may need to check the WayBack Machine ( to verify this if PC has since changed the ETA)

If the answer is YES to each question, then begin this process. If the answer is NO to either question then you need to wait.

Step 1

First decide if you are willing to wait longer for your overdue order or would like a refund? In either case, email PC requesting either an update for when you will receive your order or a refund. If asking for a refund, request that you receive the refund within 7 days or you will dispute the transaction with your bank.

If you choose to wait longer for your order, don't wait too long that it gets too far past the ETA to the point that disputing the transaction with your bank will not be possible.

Step 2

Call your bank to dispute each transaction that is overdue. You will need to provide the date of the transaction from your bank statement, the amount paid and the merchant's name and advise that you have already tried to resolve it with PC by email. Also state that it was a pre order (assuming the item was not already in stock) and quote PC's ETA and the the manufacturer's release date. Make mention that many other customers are experiencing the same issue to help your case.

Be careful on which PC ETA you provide. If the ETA was January 2016, it was so long ago that the bank will likely deny your request. Choose either the current PC ETA or a previous ETA that is no more than 6 months ago, preferably as close to 1 month ago as possible. Use the Wayback machine if necessary.

The bank will give you a reference number and likely send you some documentation to provide further evidence. Request that all correspondence be sent by email to speed things up.

Step 3

When you receive the request for further information, provide:
  • Screenshot showing manufacturer release date. If it's Takara, go to the product page from TakaraTomyMall
  • Screenshot of PC order page for the individual order showing transaction details and that it was unfulfilled
  • Screenshot of PC product page showing the ETA (remember to choose the most appropriate ETA)
  • Screenshot of the item from two other retailers showing it is in stock and the release date. Robot Kingdom, BBTS and TFSource are good options
  • Email correspondence with PC

This should not take that much time and it will kill any argument that PC makes about manufacturer delays etc.

My bank also required me to provide a statement of events but they provided a template for this so it was straightforward.

Following this process should lead to a successful chargeback. Be aware that PC still has 45 days after the chargeback to respond to the bank but if you follow this process you have a very strong case.

If you have multiple orders, rinse, lather, repeat.

Anyone else that has also been through this, please feel free to add to this guide.
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