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Found yesterday at two different Toyworlds, RID Combiner Galvatronus (wave 2) in Melbourne, and TF5 Sqweeks Voice Changer Mask (wave 2) plus the Rescue Bots Flip Racer Chomping trackset in Brisbane.

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Sunbury Sightings
Toyworld: the RiD team combiners. Interestingly they had all 3 whereas on Saturday there was only a single Menasor there so they must have restocked with a new wave. $59.99 each, 1 Menasor, 2 Ultra Bee, 2 Galvatronus.
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At Westfield Indooroopilly yesterday.

Toyworld - had the wave 2 Sqweeks voice-changer mask ($70) and the new Rescue Bots Flip Racer Chomping trackset ($60).