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Originally Posted by Firestorm View Post
SENPAAIIIIIII...... you're really making me miss Japan
Dude, I've been missing Japan for the last 15 years!! So much has changed since the time I was living there. Stuff like...
+ Security everywhere is way more tight/paranoid; like the fingerprint scans at the airport and CCTV in public places... even signs saying that surveillance is there to counter terrorism and crime etc.! So this is what post Sept 11 Japan is like...
+ People aren't smoking as much in public places. In the old days No Smoking signs were purely decorative, now people actually obey them!
+ So many "portable hikikomori" - especially on trains where lots of people are just insulated in their own tiny worlds of their mobile phones. No eye contact or anything! The Japanese have always been recluse, but I think mobile phones kinda make it worse because it means they have an "excuse" not to interact with people sitting next to them (too busy interacting with people online!). Makes them bigger targets for attack too... just as well Japan has such low crime (could you imagine people being so damn inattentive to their surroundings in Australia or countries with much higher rates of assault/robbery?!?).
+ A lot more train stations have lifts now! When I was there last most stations only had stairs. Having lifts makes travelling so much easier when you're pushing a baby stroller around. However since lifts have only been a relatively recent addition to most stations, they can be placed in really inconvenient locations (i.e. the bum-end of stations where you have to circumnavigate half the area just of freakin' get there! Half the time we just went "Ah bugger it" and carried baby & stroller up and down flights of stairs!). But still, a significant improvement over last time where stations with lifts was more of a rarity.

At the Osaka meet when we found some Beast Wars toys at collectable stores like Hero Gangu, I told Odie that when I was living in Japan these toys were current... now that he's living there it's DOTM and TF Prime! (and OTCA^Austran was only about a year old and had less than 50 members!) Sign of the times.

Oh, and this is what I looked like when I was there last (black shirt):

...yeah, before I got all fat and stuff. <sigh>

Originally Posted by Firestorm View Post
is that ninja resturant one of those places where the staff all dress like ninja and do "ninja magic" for you while you eat?
I believe so. We didn't actually go inside any of them.

Originally Posted by Firestorm View Post
you went to the Toei Movie Village, jealous
Yeah, unfortunately it started raining while we were there, so we had to leave prematurely and didn't see everything (downside of touring with a baby). But I enjoyed what we did see though. They had this little anime museum which is only about the history of Toei anime No images of Transformers, but they had a historical timeline of Toei anime which mentioned the Japanese G1 TF series (Headmasters et al.). Our camera battery died by this stage, but I took photos with my phone... just gotta find the USB cable for my phone.
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