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Today at Garden City.

ToysRUs - nothing new for the sale. Still five Sixshots.

Target - nothing new for their sale either.

Myer - a restock, and set up on a front table, but all old waves. At the back of the table was a box of the squishies that BigW had (in my last post).


Coles - no RID Legends for their current 20% off Transformers toys (until April 18th). They did have wave 5 Tiny Titans, compared to wave 6 at other places.

Zing - had the second Zing exclusive cover comic, for $10, but it looks like it is half price at the moment, along with the first one. I also found an Optimus bottle opener for $12. No Voyager Optimus or Megatron though.



JB Hifi had several copies of the 2007 release of Madman's 2-disc DVD of the 1986 Transformers movie (for $24), which they didn't have a couple weeks ago... and looking on their website, it has shown up at a lot of other stores around the country, suggesting a re-release of this edition.
(it is the one on the right - the other three are previous US and Australian DVD editions)

Coles Sunnybank - still has the Starscream/Springload wave for the current sale.
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