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Some more cast members announced for the 2018 movie (slated for June 8th in America), and they are all fresh, new (cheap) actors.

Jorge Lendenborg Jr (seen in the new Spiderman movie)

And these people, whom I've never heard of either, so have just quoted their names and past roles...

  • Jason Drucker
  • Abby Quinn
  • Rachel Crow
  • Ricardo Hoyos
  • Gracie Dzienny
The film will clearly feature a slew of young rising stars: Drucker was most recently seen in Fox’s reboot Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. Hoyos starred on Degrassi: Next Class and also was seen in The Belko Experiment. Quinn starred opposite Jenny Slate in Gillian Robespierre’s Landline, which played at Sundance and hits theaters on July 21. Crow has appeared on the TV shows BrainSurge, Big Time Rush and Figure It Out and voiced Carla in the animated film Rio 2. Dzienny’s credits include TV series Zoo and Chasing Life.
The movie is also being noted as having a US$22 million tax credit, as an incentive for being filmed entirely in California.
It is said to be the largest tax credit for a movie, and it will mean that if there are any "foreign" locations in the story, it was filmed on a fake set (like Detroit being used as Hong Kong in TF4).
But note that the money isn't a grant or payment to the movie studio, it is just a refund at the end of the financial year IF the movie studios spend enough to rack up that much in taxes.
The movie "spending" budget will still be the same X amount of millions of dollars during filming and post-production, this just means Paramount gets back $22million on top of the box office earnings. (that said, it might also prompt them to spend a little more on the filming of the movie and/or its marketing, if they now know they have a guaranteed return of $22million before a cinema ticket has even been sold)
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