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Default FOC Voyager Soundwave & Soundblaster now out

A world first sighting in Australia by senior staffer Sofaman, are the first of the Voyager Generations FOC toys - Soundwave (with Laserbeak) and Soundblaster (with Buzzsaw), for $50 each at a Toyworld in South Australia.

Originally Posted by SofaMan View Post
FoC Soundwave & Soundblaster at Toyworld Adelaide for $49.99. Cyberverse Optimus Maximus for $39.99.
These were suppose to be released in January, so are a little early... I guess because TFPrime is now on a break until Beast Hunters starts in about 4 months time.

I'll post up a photo as soon as someone takes one and posts it up in the sightings section... because once the global fansites find out, they'll demand proof.

UPDATE - piccy proof....

Originally Posted by zs96742 View Post

2 soundblaser
over 8 soundwave in rundle mall

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