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Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
Amazon Japan has it for 4484JPY
I'm losing faith in TLTC.
you're being a bit dramatic don't you think. this toy only started becoming available to Japanese sellers a week or so ago. TLTC have to import it, receive it then repack it for all the customers that bought it. Maybe if you're terrified that they are ripping you off you can hop on the tltc info thread and ask
Skeg, he's been taking questions on their behalf for a few weeks now. Given the fact that it should be arriving soon, he might have a better resolution on when that will be now.
I also note that the listing for Blitzwing says estimated arrival Jan/Feb, it's still February.

Originally Posted by Jellico View Post

So the question is. Should I get PotP Optimus and should I keep both?

(I am getting Rodimus)
(And I want to put Apex in the Matrix in Pax in Prime �� )

Originally Posted by DELTAprime View Post
Anyone have thoughts on if I should cancel my MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rod preorder at HLJ?

On the one hand I want the show accurate repaint of Firebolt. On the other hand I don't want a repaint of Hot Rod based on AKOM's animation errors.
I've been tempted to get the targetmaster version as I am yet to open the first release. Just tempted, I don't think I care enough to go to all that trouble, ie ordering it. and then selling the other.
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