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Over the last year I have been slowly acting on a plan.
MP36 was announced allowing me to replace my CW Leader Megatron. Then I found a cheap Leader Starscream. Then the TR Soundwave I had on order for a nephew's gift wasn't going to arrive before Christmas so after scrambling for a replacement I had a Soundwave coming my way.

Suddenly I could provide the kids with the big 3 Cons in a very G1 form. Bwah bwah bwah. Children need to be educated in the classics

Of course then PC exploded and I have been scrambling all year to put the egg back together. That is not the decision.

Big bad guys need big good guys so over the course of the year I picked up the leader TR Optimus as reasonably G1 and the right size. But now PotP has a big Prime that is even more G1 inspired.

So the question is. Should I get PotP Optimus and should I keep both?

(I am getting Rodimus)
(And I want to put Apex in the Matrix in Pax in Prime 😀 )
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