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There are rumours saying that the Rescue Bots cartoon won't be back for a fifth season, but that hasn't stopped Hasbro from releasing more Rescue Bots toys (probably for the endless re-runs on TV).

Official images have been released of a new Rescue Bots toy gimmick - Flip Racers.
They look like they might be pull-back motor type toys, that can move in both modes.

The first wave has Heatwave, Optimus Prime, Hoist and Medix.

If the cartoon is really over and future toys are going to rely on re-runs to sell them, it seems odd to have just one of the four being a main character... and only two even being on the cartoon.
Considering the amount of Hoist and Medix toys in the last year, it almost makes you think they would be in the next season... if there was another season.
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