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I don't think we can blame Solo's box office woes entirely on the last film, did it have an effect? Sure but I think Solo and the franchise in general has it's own issues.

Originally Posted by shockNwave View Post
Solo (like Rogue One) is a balanced affair. As a result it has enough of an old school feel and enough of a modern SFX feel that makes it better than TFA and TLJ which seem to be chasing the younger generations more than us oldies.
I'm one of those oldies, but having seen lots of films in my time makes me crave more in my movie experience. Solo plays it so safe it came across as mediocre for me, I'd rather the highs and lows (and both films have both) of TFA and TLJ than the tepid waters of Solo.

Still, I'm glad some people are enjoying it more than I did, I don't want Star Wars to go away, but maybe we can have a little less of it, make it special again.
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