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Originally Posted by shockNwave View Post
Darth Maul is dead and there's no coming back from that. Unless that was a sith clone that died in TPM or the one in Solo is the clone.

Darth Maul has been in the Clone Wars cartoon (set between Ep 2 and 3) and the Rebels cartoon (set just before Rogue One), which are both part of the Movie Universe... and the Solo movie is set between Ep 3 and Rebels, so Maul is alive during that time. (how he survived Ep1 was explained in the Clone Wars cartoon)

Spoilers... maybe....

Ep 1 - introduced and then cut in half at the waist

Ep 2

Clone Wars - returned with the lower half being cybernetic (remember, most of Darth Vader was machine as well, so it is possible to survive losing half your body if your will, and force power is strong enough to keep you alive long enough to be saved)
Solo Movie - cameo as the head of a criminal organisation

Rebels cartoon - appears, proclaims that he is no longer a Sith, and later dies at the hands of Obi Wan.
Rogue One
Ep4.... and so on.
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