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Default Ozformers Board Staff

For those who are new, or just lurking, this is a list of the current Ozformers Board Staff - if ever you need one, or if they ever contact you about something.

Global Moderators & Admins:
Each covers the entire board, and can assist/fix/edit anything anywhere.

griffin - (QLD)
dirge - (NSW)
Tiby - (NSW)
Kyle - (WA)
1orion2many - (WA)
Sofaman - (SA)

Multi-section Moderators:
Each person here is assigned to several sections of the board. See the bottom of each section page to find out who is allocated, if any.
They are not required to be on duty all the time or attend to every issue in their section - they are here as an extra set of eyes on the running of the board, and for some people it is an opportunity to give something back to the community.
- Bartrim
- Blackie
- Golden Phoenix
- Sky Shadow

Single Section Moderators:
Each person here is only currently allocated to a single section of the board.
Every section is still covered by the Global Moderators, even if a section doesn't have someone allocated to it.
- Gamblor916
- Iceburn
- Jaydisc
- llamatron
- Robzy
- Saintly
- Sam
- Tetsuwan Convoy
- Tober
- Zippo

For Staff positions, and even Deluxe Membership, it isn't something earnt by post count or time here, as this board has always been about quality over quantity with its members and the level of interaction. There's no point in having hundreds of members if only a handful want to interact - a fan forum looks better with interaction, not its total membership.

So this shouldn't be seen as an elitist thing, or something to try to earn. Just be yourselves, and interact at *your* desired level.

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