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Netflix marvel. I can see why they wanted shorten seasons. Overall good but some were drawn out to fill the number of episodes per season. Iron Fist was the weakest one but great at the end with its advancements in story. I find the multiple series were too drama instead of comic book at times.

DC titans took a while to warm up. Hope there is a second season as it didnt resolve. Some continuity issues such as the car, outside fine, inside rain, outside fine again, placement of arms at different camera angles etc.. Black lightening i only just started but its a bit more miss than hit atm. I find dc cgi to be very woeful compared to marvel. The costumes in dc can be cosplay quality at times. Couldnt find doom patrol though i saw it in the list beforehand.

Bright was a b grade sifi slog. Interesting world building but story could have been better told. Good costumes.

Shinara chronicles. Watched coz had aussie actor. C grade? Fantasy show. Its ok fodder if nothing else is on.

Arrow has 6 seasons with 23 eps per season. Do i dare start the slog?

Star Trek Discovery was great. Good cgi, lil lost on the science but good thrill ride. Liked the characters and their evolutions but the gay doctor seemed shoe horned in at the end. Would recommend it if you are a trekky or like space shows.

After life by ricky gervias. Great show of loss and finding life again. Its a bit of a black/dark comedy.

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