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Originally Posted by Omega Metro View Post
Worth noting Target have 20% off Lego starting Thursday. Probably cheaper than Myers 25% off. BigW and Kmart also have some Lego on sale starting Thursday.
Originally Posted by BruiseLee View Post
This also applies to their eBay store but not all the Lego there is 25% off. Some seem to be 20% off and others no discount even though they are not part of the exclusions list. On the plus side is that you can get an additional 15% off if you are an eBay plus member with code PLUSIT15 with free shipping.
eBay has an additional 10% off everything (mostly everything) until tonight, code = POINTY.

Good thing about Target's eBay store is that the 20% has been consistently applied to all of their Lego range:

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