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Originally Posted by Tober View Post
What do you mean by "limbo"?

Ultimately it is uo to RK to sort it out, or you can go through PayPal.
Well by "limbo" I mean the package is stuck somewhere between RobotKingdom and my house.

TNT are telling me that they cannot process the delivery of the item because it has no Con-note. Alice at RobotKingdom told me: "There is no Con-note, and I cannot help for this issue".

I forwarded that on to TNT and TNT have said that is not correct. Items must have a Con-note and cannot be delivered without one.
So it seems RobotKingdom have stuffed up after charging me $70USD for shipping and are now trying to wash their hands of it.

I have an e-mail trail from Alice & Cherrie at RK. Happy to post here as evidence for all to see.

It'll be 4 weeks tomorrow that the item left Hong Kong. I have had no experience like this before. Is a Paypal claim the best option or is there something else to try?
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