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Originally Posted by tinyJazz View Post
The breakdown of earnings from a TF film and its merchandising would be interesting to see. They definitely earn more from merchandising, licensing and promotions than they do from ticket sales. Pixar's Cars, produced on a budget of $120million, made close to $500 million at the box office and over $10 billion in retail sales. This was before Cars 2 was released.
For Merchandise and toy sales off the back of a movie, it depends on how much was paid for the licenses (and any royalties on popular Brands) to produce those items... even Disney properties like Cars.
Transformers is a little different, because the toys are being produced by the company that owns the Brand... but since the movie company (Paramount) isn't Hasbro, Paramount's production budget for Transformers movies doesn't get anything from the sale of any Hasbro Toys, unless it was specifically added to the contract (like Michael Bay getting a percentage off EVERY movie toy that Hasbro produces since TF2).
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