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Default Deluxe Hotrod to get a regular release?

Deluxe Hotrod has been found of Amazon in regular Premier Edition packaging, suggesting that it might be released at regular retail stores... if they actually sell enough stock to want more stock beyond wave 4 (the Cogman wave).

Deluxe Hotrod was originally expected to be released in America at Walmart as part of their Autobots Unite exclusive range (mostly just different versions of Hotrod - Deluxe, Legion, 2-pack Legion, 2-pack 1-step, Flip-n-Change), but has since been removed from their inventory systems.
It ended up being released in Asia and Europe in the "Autobots Unite" packaging some time ago, but the Americans (and us) have been missing out on their Walmart exclusive... so now if it is to be released in America, it will have to be IF retailers want more Movie Deluxes. At least it should be released on Amazon, which should be good for fans here too, if it is available for foreign purchase.
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