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It's sad to see that the over-priced Thundercracker ends up being $48, which is still just $1-2 off the normal price of the Studio Series Voyagers.
The same with Barricade, as it was only about 10% more expensive than Bumblebee in America and Japan, and yet it ended up being 20% more than Bumblebee, resulting in this week's discount bringing it down to the same price as Bumblebee.
MPM-3 Bumblebee - 9,000yen - $148 at Zing
MPM-4 Optimus - 15,000yen - $198 at Zing
MPM-5 Barricade - 10,000yen - $180 at TRU

It's almost like ToysRUs priced Barricade and Thundercracker to make sure that they still got to sell them at "full price" for at least their first week before the discounting started to eat into their profit margin.
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