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My goodies arrived today!

The two deluxes were DotM Laserbeak and Bumblebee, and the two leaders were Sentinel Prime and Bumblebee. I would have preferred a leader Ironhide, but I shan't look a gift horse in the mouth. I didn't have either of the Bumblebees (I wouldn't have paid for them, given how similar they are to earlier ones, but happy to get them for free).

The books are cute, but very junior, so I'll save them for when my friends bring their littlies over, to keep them away from MY toys. Also got a Robo-Power Bumblebee, and that'll be a birthday gift for a friend's little girl who turns 3 next month.

DotM on DVD, and also the PS3 game. Don't own a PS3, so will have to work out how to distribute that one. The tin is very cool and quite large - I think that might have to be where I store all my TF weapons.

Considering I got this mighty haul for buying nothing other than what I would have purchased anyway, and there was a bunch of stuff I didn't have, I'm actually quite pleased.
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