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Just got my 2 copies of Diaclone World fron HLJ today. The book is absolutely amazing - going through the current releases and their protos and concept sketches, as well as the same with the vintage line - along with several pages of text I will need to learn Japanese so I can read :P. The DVD was 99% of the way to being perfect, including modern promos for the current line and a stack of vintage Diaclone commercials (although by the 4th variant of the Gats Blocker commercial I was starting to wish that maybe it wasn't quite so thorough on the vintage side of things).

Only a couple of things with the book and the DVD. Firstly, I have to say that the old saying of "ignorance is bliss", has something to it. I was initially blown away by how original Big Powered 2.0 was - to the point of even the trailers turning into mini bases. Turns out thatit wasn't an original idea, but rather then reusing the design of an unreleased proto of a futuristic truck which turned into a mobile command centre. So on one hand I'm even more impressed with the 80s designs and on the other hand, Big Powered 2.0 isn't quite as original as it could have been.

My only real complaint is with the DVD and in terms of the new promo videos. While it included a few of the new promo videos, the original Diabattles 2.0 video and the Big Powered 2.0 video. Considering how comprehensive the whole thing is meant to be, it would have been nice had they been included.
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