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Originally Posted by Ploughmans Lunch View Post
oh, sorry, I don't mean shops in australia, but places to shop from which offer better postage costs to Australia than say bbts. nipping yassan and amiami seem good thx!
no problem, take note that Nippon yasan and Anime export have Bandai exclusives. Meaning items that only supposed to be sold at premium Bandai website. Normally other stores will need special connections <this includes PC if they sell a limited edition Figuarts.

I wont be surprised if you have found a new store to have reliable TFs coming at reasonable time frame. In terms of service though, HLJ and Hobbysearch seem to be excellent compared to other Japan stores. I think Nippon Yasan has a no cancel policy < though if you went with pay later option and didn't pay, I don't think they can force you but they may blacklist you.
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