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While it feels wierd saying this as without G1 there probably wouldn't be transformers today.

I've enjoyed both FOC and WFC, haven't really played any of the multiplayer just the campaigns. The Wii version of Cybertron Adventures is very much on rails and more of an arcade shooter, not particularly engaging.

The Transformers Prime Series has been the best of all in my opinion, Great animation, fight coreography, character models, story, humour, the list goes on. it's by no means the best overall but comparing it to other childrens programs it's way up there.
comparing it to other Transformers series, well, in most cases there is no comparison.

Toy wise this is a great series that has managed to cover most of the critical onscreen characters and some extras during the toy run. Two different Ultramagnus toys has been a bit wierd. Satisfyingly though it's possible to get a toy representation of most of the characters that have appeared on screen if in some cases only by importing from Japan.
I have found the majority of the toys to have a good combination of entertaining transformation, and solid vehicle and robot modes. Exceptions will be discussed in the toy thread.

Game toys while smaller and lighter than hoped in some cases have been solid interpretations of their on-screen counterparts.

While the Unity of the alligned continuity is vague and contradictory at times there are other "easter eggs" that tie it together nicely.

An example:
the Prime series seemed to suffer from Power reduction of the Insecticons, the first couple times they appeared they were apparently "super powerful" taking a lot of effort to kill/maim but as the seiries progressed they appeared easier to at least disable. There are observations to be made about this but something that I came across in the FOC game supports the apparently vast differences in their strength.

In the game there is a point where you are travelling through Shockwaves laboratory, one of the records you access has shockwave specifically describing how the first batch of his insecticons were quite formidable but successive batches that have been essentially further removed in generation from the original RNA used have proven to be less inteligent, dextrous and powerful.
this supports the strongest insecticon being a close match to Megatron where single shots from autobots can at least knock one out of the air for a moment.

The books while not pulitzer winners have been an enjoyable read and it's great to have a toy of a character that has only appeared in a Novel. That has to be a first in transformers history.

What comics I've read i've enjoyed, gave me an excuse to open and re-purpose a figure into Serket.

It's by no means a perfect era but I sure as hell would have been happy to have this as my G1.
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