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Oh I hate that guy, not watching his videos. Nothing against you Voodoo, just don't like that YouTuber.

Anyway as we have seen from benchmarks the 1800X trails way behind the 7700K at 1080p with a Titan XP, which is the only valid resolution to test a CPU at because higher resolutions introduce a GPU bottleneck. Where Ryzen shines is in task like media encoding. Also AMD seem to have pushed Ryzen out before all the stability bugs have been ironed out.

As someone that wants to push every last frame I can Ryzen in it's current state is a poor choice. When the Ryzen 5 CPU's hit the market it will be interesting to see if the 1500X the 4C 8T part will have higher clocks allowing it to compete with the 7700k, but I'm already committed to the Z270 platform so it will be purely academic interest from me.
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